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Past Life Exploration

Ever wondered why you…

…felt totally “at home” in a place you visited for the first time?

…have strong fears or aversions that you can’t explain?

…see recurring dream snippets of scenes from other times, other places?

…feel a strong connection to a figure from history?

…just don’t like someone, even though you have no reason not to?

…meet someone for the first time yet it feels like you’ve known them forever?

…just feel like you’ve “been here before”?

…then it’s time you sought out your unseen influences from the past. YOUR past.

Wild and Delicious Life

Picture this: a years’ worth of delicious exploration of your life. Your next twelve months spelled out in front of you.

Your personal roadmap to awesometown.

Guideposts, roadblocks, beautiful sights to look for. Lots of stopping and rose-smelling. Superpower practices tailored just for you to help you open to your wild and delicious goddess life.

5 ways to explore You.

Get the deets on your upcoming year in five areas: personal, physical, spiritual, relationships, and work. Then follow the dotted lines and have an amazing year.

Soul Profile Charts

What if you truly grokked who you REALLY are?

What if you knew your soul’s plan for your life?

What if you understood how your unique perspective shapes your every thought and interaction?

What if you felt your soul’s unique flavor?

Soul Profile charts can give you all that and more.

The Michael Teachings is a comprehensive metaphysical philosophy and a practical, down-to-earth archetypal system of self-understanding. It offers tools to help you find out who you are and why you chose to be here, and in my experience offers deep self-awareness and understanding of the universe.

My Cancer Story

From near death to a new kind of life…

On July 28, 2012, I was told I had a few months to live. It spread to your brain, they said. I’m sorry.

Stage 4 metastatic melanoma  had spread to my brain and internal organs. Once cancer reaches your brain, I found out, you might as well be dead.

Doctors didn’t know who they were dealing with. It was time to weed the cancer garden. Time to live. Time to love.

Cancer Land and the Dark Night of the Soul

My beloved and I left ordinary reality and moved to Cancer Land. It was time to take my life into our own hands. My beloved was on board — in fact he spearheaded this new mission to transform a dying woman into a vibrant, more-alive-than-ever woman. Hardest years of my life, my Years of Living Cancerously.

Healing Starts in Community

We couldn’t make the journey alone. That’s the first thing I tell anyone with a new cancer diagnosis. It takes a village.

"I paint the essence of the Divine Feminine — the beauty, the love, and the truth of women. I paint women the way they want to see themselves, the way they know deep down they already are. "

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