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10 Ways to Un-stress in Under Ten Minutes

De-stress FAST.

Quick:  ten things you can do right now — in ten minutes or less — to feel more alive, more awake, and more space to feel You again.

1. Take a bath. While a twenty-minute bath is awesome,  just ten minutes of scented  hot-water bliss can turn a day from ARGH to AHH. Make it  really hot. Essential oils? Yes, please. Detox? Add a cup of sea salt.

2. Give your hands a break. Many of us carry tension in our hands. Mine used feel like claws some days. Take a break and massage your hands yourself, or get someone else to. Yummy.

3. Drink water. If you condition yourself to down a nice big glass every time you feel a little stressed, your body will thank you AND you’ll be getting your 8 daily glasses easier than you thought. Add a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy (the famous 5-flower Bach essence) if you’re feeling particularly stressed.

4. Laugh. Have a pillow fight with your partner. Get your five-year old to tell you a knock-knock joke. See what’s new in LOL cat land.  Laughter opens things up and moves energy through your body.

5.  Get moving. Gentle yoga-style stretches. A quick walk around the neighborhood. Simple qigong breathing. The breath moves energy through the body and enlivens every organ system.

6.  Have a nap. A quick ten-minute power-nap nighty-night helps you recharge quickly and efficiently.

7.  Get a hug. Or give one. Free hugs for everyone!

8.  Get scentual. Dab on an essential oil or spritz it in the room — grapefruit and peppermint are great pick-me-ups.

9.  Acupoints. Firm pressure at three points on the body (see diagram) helps alleviate stress quickly.

10. Phone a friend. A quick how-are-you call helps you connect to the outside world, puts your life into perspective, and helps you feel enlivened and awakened. Plus it makes your friend feel good, knowing you thought enough to call to say hello. Win.

What do you do to un-stress?


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  1. Brandy Astwood

    I have one to add…turn music on loud and dance! Get goofy. Have fun. Sing. Boogie with the kids.
    When things get tense around our house with my 6 kids and 2 extra I head for our tv and turn on Sirus Radio and pick Reggee, 60s Rock or 80s Hairband and everyone is laughing and relaxed in less than 10 minutes then we can move on with clearer heads, joyful hearts and a sense of life in the moment. Its amazing how much we can get done in a shorter amount of time when we take a time out to celebrate life.

  2. wildgoddess

    Good one! Music is a great de-stessor.

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