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Posts made in October, 2012

Cancer Goddess Rises, Day 77-78: 99 Pound Weakling

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Cancer Goddess | 2 comments

I learned a new word this year. Cachexia. Kuh-KEK-si-a, though I invariably say Kuh-CHECK-see-ya, the thing you say to people as you’re leaving and they’ve given you money: K, got your check, see ya! Where are all MY checks? I should have a whole stack of them by now. But nope. Instead of checks I  have cachexia. Cachexia is when you have cancer and your body eats itself. ~~ I am 14. My weight hovers between 112 and 113. The lavender skirt my mom got me from Sears, the one with...

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Cancer Goddess Rises, Days, 69-76: Art Attack

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Cancer Goddess | 2 comments

The best gift I ever got as a teenager was a set of fine-tipped colored markers. I’d point my clock-radio to the station that played mystery radio theater at 9pm and let my mind run while I got all pink, orange and purple with a giant mandala or tropical fishes. Best thing ever, those pens. They crept into the journal I had started in the 6th grade: narrow-ruled notebook pages clipped into a 3-ring binder, my middle-school and high-school super-emo thoughts penned across faint blue lines,...

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Cancer Goddess Rises, Days 59-68: Inside Out

Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Cancer Goddess | 3 comments

There is a world of infinite space. It stretches on into forever, yet takes up no space at all. It reaches all the way back to my earliest moments, and extends all the way out past anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I have been spending most of my time there this week. I don’t remember the babysitter’s name, but I remember her house. The front room had the good furniture in it. Curtains drawn in the daytime. You got the idea that no one ever sat there unless there was...

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