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A Message of Hope and a Call to Action

We are far more powerful when we stand together

You’ve felt it for weeks now — an unsettling unease, an undercurrent of terror and uncertainty, a river of anger. The world is changing rapidly, spinning on its axis, and it feels terribly uncomfortable. We humans crave change, yet we fear it. Change means uncertainty. Uncertainty is slippery. We cannot control uncertainty, and what we cannot control makes us feel uneasy, if not downright terrified.

What is changing?

Change is coming to almost every area of life. Some of these changes we already expected, such as a wide variety of technological advances. But most of the upcoming change will be in areas and ways that we expect to remain the same, or if not the same, at least to change very slowly.

We have already seen a shift in the ways that political figures influence the corporate world. This shift was completely unexpected by nearly everyone, and yet we have already come to accept the new paradigm as “normal”. Changes in other areas will occur this way as well. Accepting significant change in a quantum leap like this is a human trait that has been instrumental in our continued evolution.

This still does not address the fact that so many of us feel an underground terror right now. Many people have entered a kind of life paralysis, feeling too numb to do much of anything except attempt to hide from the gnawing of reality. What can we do? How do we move through this time of challenge with grace, compassion, and power?

What is illuminated can be healed.

Ugliness, overt racism, sexism, xenophobia, blatant lies, demagoguery, etc, are all surfacing now so they can be healed. We cannot heal what lies in shadow — until we illuminate it. These ugly aspects of humanity are a part of us and cannot be denied without consequence. The more we suppress them, the larger they grow. These aspects will continue to surface and be evident in our daily lives until we accept them as our collective human shadow and make conscious choices to choose higher-level human aspects such as kindness, generosity, and true acceptance of others. Our collective global destiny demands this of us. We humans are destined to evolve.

Destiny calls to us.

As we address collective wounding and shadow, we follow our collective destiny as humans. We are meant to evolve beyond pettiness, judgements, and inequality. We are meant to evolve beyond cruelty, misogyny, and xenophobia. We are destined to evolve as a species, and we have entered an exciting time with ample opportunity to illuminate our shadows so as to move beyond our smallness and out into the light of our grand collective human destiny.

In order to fulfill our collective destiny as humans, we must also acknowledge and fulfill our individual destinies. The more that people flow with the immeasurable energy that supports our destinies, the stronger we become as a human community, the more quickly we evolve as a species, and the happier and more fulfilled we become as individuals.

Our healing path lies in community.

We cannot evolve without community. Our communities are the hearts of our human existence. In Western culture we have turned away from community in our quest for independence, and in turn we have become isolated, alone, and bereft of connection. We must turn toward our sisters and brothers and embrace the strength of union through community.

Within the arms of community, our strength grows. We no longer feel alone or isolated, and we find common aspirations and desires. Within community, we heal. Within community, we grow. Within community, we learn about ourselves and others and we forge new identity through union with our fellows.

In community, we find the inner strength we need to fully illuminate all that needs to be healed. This is not work we can do alone. Our collective human shadow was created in community and must be healed in community as well.

We build hope through action.

Those of us alive today are here expressly to help create something far more grand, far more alive, and far more magical than our life experience thus far on the planet. We are met by a monumental challenge, the most significant challenge certainly of our lives and also perhaps of a millennia: the challenge to rise beyond the confines of our human existence and to instead prepare ourselves for our next greatest challenge — traversing the stars.

Why head for the stars? Not only is it our collective human destiny to open our hearts and minds to possibilities more vast than we can presently comprehend, it is also our destiny to exchange wisdom and experience with other space-faring species. We have much to offer and much to learn, and just as a child crawls and then walks, we shall one day soon move beyond crawling and take our first steps beyond our solar system. We have a long way to go yet before we are ready for this next challenge, but as we meet this challenge that lies before us, the challenge to become better human beings through illumination of our collective shadow, we quickly ready ourselves to meet the stars.

Our every thought and action combines for great effect. Together, our actions build upon one another, erecting bridges of compassion and hope for those who need uplifting. Together, our actions create a path easily followed and improved upon, a path that leads us to forging a future inclusive of all walks of life. Together, we are stronger, better, and kinder, because together we stand united in purpose and vision.

Answer your call to destiny.

Your contribution matters. Your life matters. Your heart, wisdom, and experience are required. You are called now to meet the challenge of your lifetime, the challenge to become the self you always wanted to be and to deeply feel your life’s purpose and meaning as you entwine your destiny with that of humanity.

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  1. Rebecca

    Hello lovely person. What a helpful way of looking at the ugliness around us. I am certainly feeling besieged with fury towards those who are ignorant of what they are voting for or who know and don’t care. I hope you are right. We must lance the boil!! Hope you are thriving. Becka

    • wildgoddess

      Thank you, Becka! Every bit of evidence I receive supports my optimism about humanity’s evolution and our opportunity now to mobilize and jump-start real and positive change. I get bogged down sometimes in fear when I read news headlines or tap into the waves of fear that encircle us, but I keep coming back to a deep knowing that despite surface ugliness and resultant real suffering we’re going to be okay. Better than okay.
      xoxo Talyaa

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