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A Talyaa Update

You people are freaking powerful!

You people are freaking powerful!


FIRST. We don’t know why, but I feel — cautiously — somewhat better today. The terrifyingly demanding headache (level 5), nausea, and horrible pressure in my head have subsided to their former I-can-handle-it levels (level 2-ish). Still very tired. 11+ hours of sleep, yay! Still achy all over. Still can’t do much or for very long. Imagine feeling like you have the flu. That’s what I feel like all the time.

But I can understand words I read and words spoken to me, which wasn’t happening yesterday. Scary to know that your brain isn’t cooperating, you know?

SECOND. Omg! The love and support you all sent our way! There was synchronized chanting, prayers, candles. Personal messages. The most reverent massage I’ve ever received, arranged in advance but so needed and so welcome! Money appeared like magic, and from SO MANY PEOPLE. The beginning of a freaking media campaign! I’m in awe of your generosity and love. Truly. So thankful. You people rock, you really do.

Will keep you updated on the media campaign thing, because there’ll be an easy way to help.

THIRD. What happened to me yesterday could happen again at any time. Feeling somewhat better today means little, other than yay, better. It could have been a healing reaction (the body goes in force to heal where needed), which we hope it was, or it could have been Angry Brain Tumor growing and getting out of control. We don’t know which.

The plan is to keep on with the plan, which is for me to continue to Do All The Things and trust that it’s working.


Trust. I guess trust is part belief and part prayer. We don’t ever know all the possible consequences from a particular choice, but we can do our best to arm ourselves with knowledge and to honor our belief biases…the rest just might be prayer, desire, supplication.

Please keep holding me and my beloved Dave Donatiu in your thoughts. Please continue to see me as whole and healed. Please know that your thoughts and words have power.

Much love as always.

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