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  Oracle. Artist. Time Traveler.

Talyaa Liera Big Love Tantra

I am a living miracle.

In 2012 a doctor told me I had a few months to live. Terminal cancer had spread to my brain. I would have died if not for the devotion of my beloved and a deep commitment to do whatever it took to one day live life the way I’d always wanted: vibrant, authentic, vulnerable, ALIVE.

Nothing is the same. I changed everything: the way I eat, dress, move, think, and feel. It was change or die.

I learned a lot along the way. I speak to share my story. If I can change and live life full-on and out loud, so can you.


I wrote a book about how I began to reclaim my Wild Goddesshood, Magical Goddess: A 28 Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life.


As part of my healing, I embraced my true nature. I am an Oracle and an Artist.

As an Oracle, I see into people’s pasts and their futures. I feel the Earth’s creation, way back at the beginning, and I feel and see the Earth’s future and the future of all her inhabitants. I travel in time back to the beginning and far into the future.

As an Artist, I paint the essence and archetype of Woman — the beauty, the love, and the power.

I use my Oracle nature to see into a woman’s soul — her inner goddess — and bring it to life with paint on canvas. It’s a shamanic process. Deeply intimate. Stunningly powerful. 





What makes me tick?


I’ve been through some hard, oh-so-human stuff. Nearly dying. Marriages and tough relationships. Mothering my children from 3000 miles away. Self-criticism. Learning to love the beauty of what I once thought was ugly inside me is a path to real compassion.  


Learning is awesome! I always look for the why. This world is so cool, how can I not be curious about it? Bonus: I know about a ton of stuff, and I’m always on the lookout for more.


Real courage is doing the hard stuff day after day after day. Courage is looking your deepest fears in the eye and telling them they’re not the boss of you. Courage is tirelessly working to be MORE of who you are, every single damn day. I admire courage and strive to embody it.

Real-World Magic

I believe in limitless possibilities. I’ve seen and experienced some incredible things. My gift to tap into limitlessness helps you give voice to your own sense of possibility. At the same time, I’m exploring — deeply — what it is to be human. I believe we find our divinity when we truly look into ourselves and one other.

Tireless Drive For Authenticity

I’ve discovered the freedom that comes from being authentic. Even though it often scares me, I’ll walk through fire to be as real and vulnerable as I can.



How I Know Magic is Real…

Moments when everything fell away and I knew capital-T Truth.
  • 45 minutes experiencing — on every level — the absolute oneness of everything: fence posts; my car’s steering wheel; other drivers. Incredible.
  • Two weeks of utter bliss, happiness, peace, and wonderment following a Rebirthing session in which I received messages from my dead friend Chris, my dead boss Bob, and dead John Lennon.
  • All-night dark-night-of-the-soul plunge during a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat — I woke up to find out the world had changed.
  • Traveling through time and space to 20,000 years ago while standing still amid tall pines in an urban forest portal in Vancouver BC.
  • Tripping on shrooms while lying on my bed at age 16, windows flung open, and breathing with my front-yard trees all night. My one-and-only psychedelic experience.
  • Hiking Stimpson Nature Reserve in Bellingham WA and hearing the voices of my inner guidance tell me what would happen in the next several months of my life. I did not believe them about the cancer.
  • Taking 200+ of my closest Facebook friends into the Gamma Knife machine with me one time I had lasers pointed at tumors in my brain. Transcendent. And whoa, baby, the healing! People are powerful magics.

Things you might not believe about me

Quirky AND true!
  • Although I was an honors student, I almost didn’t graduate from high school because I was too shy to walk into a class late and face a roomful of near-strangers looking at me.
  • At 15, I devoured personal development and self-help books, sure that I was destined to become the Next Big Multi-Level Marketing Star.
  • While I was robbed at gunpoint at age 16, I couldn’t help but be snarky to the robber.
  • The Real Me is a cross between my Facebook and my Pinterest. Go! Friend me now!
  • I used to think feeling juicy and alive and loving my body through practices like yoga, tantra, and super-clean eating were for Other People.

Thanks for being here. I love you.


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