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Asking and Receiving

11_Give-and-Receive-LoveI watched a TED talk this week that blew my mind. Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. Brilliant. Perfect. And oh so connected to my recent experience.

Perhaps you’ve seen our plea for help? Help Continue the Grand Love Story of Kahuna and Akua. Yeah, that’s me. Akua. We posted the plea to Facebook and sent the link around to a few friends. People are freaking awesome. FREAKING AWESOME. Within minutes people had sent us money! My Kahuna ran up the stairs to me when he saw the first Paypal notifications roll in. We held one another for a long long moment and cried, no longer alone.

The thing has snowballed. Now there are benefit tango events. Get togethers with friends. Donations of artwork and scarves and massage and Reiki and cool handmade stuff for a silent auction. Offers to DJ. Brunches have been created. A place to stay in Portland. Good will, activate!

I’ve been thinking about what Amanda Palmer said. Amanda Fucking Palmer, married to Neil Fucking Gaiman. This is a tangent, but what it is about Neil Gaiman? He creeps me out. Not him personally. Not his work, because I hardly know any. But I did see a few minutes of Coraline and an entire Doctor Who episode that he wrote. I don’t get it. Anyway, Amanda Palmer. She said this:

You’re falling into the audience and you’re trusting one another

I fell into the connections I made and asked my fans to catch me

When you connect with them, people want to help you

God, I love her. Here’s her TED talk. Go watch it, if you didn’t already when I posted it to Facebook (are you connected to me on Facebook? No? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY NOT?). Then come back here. I’m not done talking.

Here we are, me and my Kahuna. (And you! This post would not be happening if not for you!) We made connections. We fell into the audience and because of the connections we made, you rose up not only to meet us but to hold us in your hearts. You hold us up.

I can never thank you enough but I can keep giving of myself, offering my inner music the way Amanda Palmer gives hers away. I can trust that something magical happens when I give myself and you receive it and I ask and someone gives. People are freaking awesome and I can’t get enough. This is just the beginning. I can feel it.

Hey! Wanna catch us? Donate something for a silent auction at one of the upcoming benefit tango milongas! Seattle event is here. Portland event is here. Email my Kahuna with your deets and to get an address to ship your awesome donated wonderfulness.


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  1. Andrea

    There is the dark side – wrote about it well.

    The “ask, ask!” works well when we’re not consumed by selfish impulses and it’s clear who you are, what you’re giving and the expectations are reasonable. When Amanda got a million dollars, expectations changed, reasonably so.

    That said, it’s really easy to take this talk selfishly or to make a big thing out of it. Get rid of shame for asking – great! But all sorts of egos and “I want to heal the world”, give me money so I can live in my dream world? Don’t think that will help.

  2. wildgoddess

    I think the system weeds out the users and abusers. People don’t like to feel duped or tricked. If they feel taken advantage of, they won’t give twice to the asker and the whole thing will eventually die a slow death. That’s my idealistic take on it. Meanwhile, the non users and non abusers groove on the connections established from asking and receiving and giving and supporting.

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