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Back Surgery for my Compression Fracture

That red-hot area is exactly what it felt like

That red-hot area is exactly what it felt like

Hey loves. Here’s an update. I had back surgery two days ago. I forget if I’ve told you this already — one of the features of this new seizure disorder thing I have is that I forget A LOT. Talk about living in the Now! This is a gift I haven’t fully figured out.

Anyway. Back surgery. It was to fix a compression fracture in my lumbar spine. Often these things fix themselves, in fact I have another fracture in my thoracic spine that is healing on its own, but in this case it was going to mean 6-12 weeks of minimal movement and a back brace, and I believe in the healing power of movement. Waiting so long wasn’t going to work for me. So they made two little incisions, one on either side of my spine, and injected a special bone cement into the vertebrae to shore it up and give it back its original height (it had already squished down some). The scars will be small, not even affecting my tattoos there. And now I have way less pain.

Plus I got to go home right afterward. And I received a bonus gift of a professional-level lumbar back brace thing. What more could a girl want?

I have total empathy for anyone with chronic back pain. It affects EVERYTHING.

I’m remembering more but my sense of time is still different. Days take FOREVER, it seems. Just yesterday feels like days ago. This is another gift I haven’t yet figured out.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I think it had been since May! It took until now for me to feel comfortable with someone touching my head after brain surgery and the twelve inch incision there. Little things (like a haircut) make such a big difference.

Life is amazing. WE are amazing. Just being alive is a miracle. Go look in the mirror and marvel at the miracle of your existence. Or go look into someone’s eyes and see them as the miracle that they are. Just for a moment. Everything can change in that one moment. I love you.

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