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Cancer Goddess Rises, Day 9: No More Tango Somedays

When Soulmate and I were first getting to know one another, one of the many thoughts running in my head about him and about the potential of Us was, Since he is a tango instructor, I bet he will teach me tango. Oooo! The more I heard him talk about tango and his love for this beautiful, sensual dance, the more I wanted it for myself.

Soulmate crushed my hopes early.

I don’t want you dancing tango, he said, when we moved in together. Tango is my thing.

Okay. He had a lot of reasons. All very valid. Tango would be His Thing. I was happy* to have it be His Thing. Even though the Voice In My Head told me he would teach me tango one day. I was already biding my time about a number of things the Voice In My Head (VIMH) had told me about me and soulmate, things that by the way have all come to pass so far but one. (VIMH has a pretty good track record.) I was good at biding. I’d bide some more.

* Not happy like ecstatic-happy. More like resigned-happy. Maybe even bordering on a-wee-bit-resentful-you-are-having-all-the-fun-happy.

I’ve been biding a year. Over that year, Soulmate went from No Way about me and tango to, You should start learning tango in a year after you get your black belt because it will be way better then and I can hardly wait to dance with you! I would say VIMH was spot on about this. I was happy* waiting a year. Soulmate clearly wanted me in his tango world. I wanted most to be wanted and second I wanted the experience because I was pretty sure it would rock and be amazing. I knew this from all the hours Soulmate has spent talking about it,. Plus I knew in my entire body, the first time I saw it, that I would want to. Only a matter of time.

* Happy like happy.

Then this happened. And a week later I said what I said here, which to save you clicking (but you should click anyway, just to re-read about what happened when they told me I would die in less than 9 months) was this:

From now everything changes. I don’t have room for negative. I want us to be downstream. I don’t have time for “somedays”. When we say we are going to do something, we set a date and we do it.

Soulmate took what I said to heart. This is what he wrote about it. (<— by the way, this link? To soulmate’s website? This is where he is writing our love story. Like, for reals. This man rocks. Can you see why I love him so much?)

Today we drove through Kirkland. It’s a tony little suburban type town across one of the big lakes by Seattle. Kirkland boasts a waterfront and marina and a cute downtown with shops, cafes and coffeehouses. It also has a gazebo overlooking the lake and marina, which is the site of Soulmate’s favoritest-ever milonga (that’s tango-ese for dance). We’re driving right toward the gazebo and Soulmate tells me again how it is the site of his favorite milonga. We’re on our way to martial arts but he stops the car and parks in the yellow.

Get out, he said. Today is your first tango lesson. We’re not waiting a year.

And so, under a gazebo overlooking Lake Washington, I learned about weight shifting. A 5-minute first step to dancing tango. No more somedays. Only todays.


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  1. ardis

    lovely…. use to live a stone’s throw from that gazebo…. SW corner of Lake st and Kirkland Ave.

  2. Craig

    I can’t wait to dance with you.

  3. reidscott

    Bout fucking time…had that been me…we would have danced the first night together…dance, music, vibration, …these things ones does not keep to themselves…especially when they have a mate that wants to experience them…one grabs her waist and goes for it!! …Sorry…it’s just someone’s opinion…I am happy he showed you!!

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