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Cancer Goddess Rises, Days 23-24: Friends and Enemas

Today was Day One of the next two years of my life. We started the Gerson therapy in full today: fresh veggie and fruit juices, 8 ounces every hour; 3 big nutritious meals including soup, baked potato, oatmeal, and vegetables; 5 coffee enemas.

Until last week I never thought anything could get me to do an enema, let alone FIVE EVERY FREAKING DAY.

This week has been a whirlwind of getting-things-ready. Things felt urgent. With the news that the C-Word is all up in my head it just felt like there was no time to waste. My Kahuna brought 20-pound bags of organic carrots home from Costco. He found a source of lovely pure water (those Brita filters are next to useless, sorry) and we now have multiple 5-gallon blue water bottles gracing our dining room. We talked a restaurant produce supplier into selling us large quantities of organic veggies at wholesale prices. A big box of supplements arrived and I made a schedule on a whiteboard of what to take when. The kitchen is now a juice factory. Nothing is the same. Everything has changed.

I like it.

Are you wondering what 13 juices a day might be like? Try this: tomorrow, drink an 8-ounce glass of water every hour, on the hour, from 8am to 7pm. You do not have to do the enemas! But please eat three large meals in addition to the water. Then you’ll know a little of what this Gerson treatment feels like, except you will not be tasting the (cough) delicious juices I am having. Mmm, green.

Kahuna is joining me for most of the program. We are going to be like gods when all this is over. I feel brimming with health already. Soon I will be lifting entire buildings. I will understand the speech of animals. And I am loving myself more than ever.

Here are some things you might not know about enemas. We call them “sacred time”. And they feel that way to me. The ultimate in self care. Time alone. I get to think or dream or read something inspiring. Quiet. Cozy – we turn on the heater in the bathroom. And here is something else: when we access our root chakra, we get in closer connection with our instinctual nature, our inner wisdom, and our overall sense of community and connectedness to the world. I was so afraid of enemas but they have become something to look forward to. Who knew?

Having a schedule — something to do every hour, or two somethings some hours — makes me very present to the day. I have no room to think too much about tomorrow or next week because there is something right here and right now. In Waldorf education, there is attention to the rhythms of the days, weeks, seasons, and years. I found a lot of beauty in resting in those rhythms. Now my days have a new rhythm. In-breaths and out-breaths. Rise and fall.

I like this new life.


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  1. Alexandra

    Hello Talyaa,
    I am very much looking forward to your emerging victoriously, so you can spend the next 60 + years loving your soul mate and he you!
    Lots of love and hugs,

  2. Marion

    I think your book is writing itself. Beautifully. I am going to try to drink all that water but believe yours will taste much sweeter. It just has to. Here is to your success.

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