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Cancer Goddess Rises, Days 25-26: Abundance

From the Department of Not-a-Rhetorical-Question: Where do you shop when you need to buy 70 pounds of apples and 75 pounds of carrots — every week?

I have found the secret to abundance!

Here it is: Get cancer. Bear with me here. This is my thinking. If you had cancer, you’d want to heal, right? Reverse the course of things and send that cancer crying to its mommy? Of course you would. Which is why you need all those carrots.

Drinking 8 ounces of fresh juice every hour sounded like such an easy thing. What’s 8 ounces, after all? Practically nothing. Just drink it down. What’s the problem?

Hahahaha. Three days in and I am sick sick sick of juice. I hate the taste. Hate it. All except the orange juice, that one rocks. But it’s all downhill after that. Seriously. These are terrible. And I get to do this for TWO YEARS.

Rather than focus on OMG TWO YEARS THIS SUCKS, I have decided to reframe. What do we have here, anyway? We have boxes of apples. Sacks of potatoes. Giant bags of carrots. A gorgeous case of heirloom tomatoes.

I call that — Abundance!

Our house is filled with piles of beautiful, fresh food. Fruits of the earth. Think of the energy contained in each carrot! Every carrot is sunshine, rain water, and nutrients from the soil. Every carrot is a root reaching deep into the earth, grabbing nutrients from where they lie hidden and waiting below the surface. Every carrot is a golden dagger plunged deep into the heart of the weeds in my garden. Every carrot is a promise of the sunshine, the gorgeous clean rain, and the roots that plunge deep into the earth.

Six fat carrots makes 8 ounces of juice. I am so lucky, so abundantly blessed that I get to live on the planet and eat the fruits of our sun and rain. Every sip of my liquid sunshine and heart-of-the-earth goodness bursts with power-packed energy.

I call that abundance.

This will spill over into other areas of my life. I can feel it.

I already know I am abundantly blessed with love. Love is here in so many ways. My Kahuna. My community (that’s you). My family. My self. This weeding-the-garden process is showing me so much, opening my mind and heart to what is already here rather than what I think is still missing.

We always have everything we need. We might not see it at the time. We might think we need different things than we have. But I believe that when we really feel into where we are and who we are, we find that we are and have everything already. And I have so much. I feel so lucky that for two years I get daily reminders of all that I am blessed with. Two years of a kitchen piled high with gorgeous potatoes, carrots and apples. Two years of juicing every hour on the hour. Two years of really loving myself and my body through giving it what it didn’t have for so long when I was busy being anorexic or self-denying or just plain not listening in to my inner wisdom. Two years of amazing nurturing and loving.

Isn’t waking up to see all that you already have the true meaning of abundance?



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  1. reidscott

    Way cool! …and your skin is going to go so good with your lovely hair too!..

    Can you do OJ and Carrots together? Much easier to get down.I worked for Organic juice companies from Nor Cal to Portland and the carrot juice was just too intense for me to drink…but with OJ it worked…glad to see you are having so much fun with veggies and fruit…there has to be some Art possibilities in there some where.. 😉

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