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Cancer Goddess Rises, Days 33-36: Halfway to Black Belt

Yes, this is a metaphor:

Today I tested for 4th Section in martial arts. In Oom Yung Doe, the tradition Kahuna and I follow, as students gain knowledge and skill their belts are dyed black to suggest the hard work and sweat required to achieve each successive level of ability. Other traditions use different belt colors to signify achievement, but in our practice room our uniforms start off pure white and become blacker and blacker as we gain skill and ability.

4th Section is a big one

There are 7 sections of a First Degree black belt. At 4th Section, you should be halfway to your potential as a black belt. I’ve been waiting to test for 4th Section for months now but one thing after another came up to prevent me from testing. Not feeling well (5 months ago I was flattened by the precursor to the weeds I am battling now; we didn’t know it was cancer then). Injuries.  One thing after another. Until today.

(The test wasn’t even that hard)

Which tells me I was totally ready to test. After my previous tests I wondered if I really deserved the promotion but this one? Nailed it.

Here is what I am making all this mean:

1. It’s halfway. In a year, then, I should be getting ready to test for black belt. Right around the time we are having a party.

2. Not dead yet.

3. Halfway to awesometown. If I rock 4th Section now, just wait until 1st Degree. Watch. Out.

4. I’m on the best healing path I know of.

5. And I’m doing it with my soulmate! It doesn’t get better than that.

6. I think that my instructor testing me means he doesn’t think I am dying any time soon. It sucks being around people who obviously think you’re going to die. It’s way better to hang out with people who hold the hope wagon for you.

7. Halfway to something implies there will be a completion of that something. Which means I am SO getting my black belt. I choose life.

8. Not just life but Awesome Life.

Time to kick some ass

And the best part? My Kahuna tested too. Halfway to black belt. The two of us. I am so lucky.



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  1. Linda Thompson

    Congratulations!!! Another great milestone in life. On to the next step!

  2. Shawn Jezerinac

    ) I want to see you spar with David. )

  3. Gabe

    Yesssss!!! You both kick ass! (or at least, are TOTALLY capable)

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