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CANCER UPDATE: Brain MRI & Power in Numbers


The Goddess and all her magical healing fairies…

All right, Magic. I believe in you. No, really. I’m a believer.

I also believe in taking a stand. Being one’s best authority. Not giving up. Overcoming challenges against huge odds. I believe in love. In the amazing hearts of people. In our infinite capacity to heal. In limitless possibility.

Today’s date:  11-12-13.  At 9:10 am, on 11-12-13, I lay inside an MRI tube while machines whirred and clunked and took images of my magnificent brain. I spoke to Parvati, to Lakshmi, to Shiva, to the Force of Infinite Presence. I composed passages in the speech I’m preparing. An IV line pumped Gadolinium contrast dye into my brain. Evelyn, the MRI tech I see every few months and who I now think of as a friend, spoke to me in soothing tones through a microphone piped into my tube: “Here comes another one….4 1/2 minutes….great job holding still….here we go…”

Meanwhile, hundreds of my closest friends prayed, chanted, sang, gonged, lit candles, visualized my brain clear and steady and clean. And so it is.

Results: NO NEW CANCER. Past treated tumors gone; one still healing.

Sweet, sweet words.

Yes, it’s my body and my brain and my used-to-be-cancer and my desire to live and my beliefs and my courage to stand up and declare to the Force of Infinite Presence, “Here I am, I’m yours, now show me how I can serve”, but I did not do this alone.

I feel humbled  by the help that came when I needed it.

My soulmate was right there, every step of the way. Shouting at me sometimes in his frustration at my obstinance. But always, holding my hand. Loving me. Wanting a life with me.

And there was you. Hundreds of you. Holding me in your thoughts. Showing me how my life affects yours. Sharing wisdom, laughter, tears. I need you.

There is such exquisite power in numbers. Together, we humans can accomplish almost anything. Look! You helped bring a dying woman to life. Amazing, you are. You’re a magical healing fairy. Brilliant. And oh, I accept your love. Your love can do anything. Please remember that. Keep it in your pocket for a dark cloudy day when you will remember how much your love can change the world.


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  1. sonianordenson

    Of COURSE there’s no new cancer, magnificent Talyaa! What a divine demonstration you and your Kahuna are living. x o x o x o x

  2. Spudspot1

    Astounding. I’ll bet you know your healing to be normal, expected. xo. Shawn

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