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Cancer Update: For The Win!

Kahuna and Akua

Kahuna and Akua

If you’re following along at home, I have good news.

Had a new round of scans not long ago. These things have become routine. We know the deal: where to park, what hospital entrance to go in, how to navigate the warren of labyrinthian hallways between the place you go for CT scans and the place you go for MRIs. We know where there is cell service and which receptionists are the nicest.

They say once you get really familiar with something, it’s time to move on. Or maybe it’s me saying that, because I am clearly winning cancer.

No new tumors.

All little tumors — GONE.

The biggest abdominal tumor is now 1/3 its previous size and has broken up into sections that are beginning to resemble their original lymph node origins.

Brain looks good. Nothing new in there. All previously zapped tumors completely gone and healed, except one that they’re still watching.

This is good, good news. The best kind of news.

My beloved Kahuna and I walked out of the radiation oncologist’s office after receiving the results and looked at each other. “I feel like Ive graduated,” I said. We smiled and walked to the car. Time to go home and get on with life. Time to get on with the business of healing and moving toward extraordinary vitality.

It’s not enough to still be alive. I’m moving toward REALLY LIVING.

Kahuna and I have been working hard at creating our Bold New Life™. We crafted a plan and now we are conjuring the magics to make it happen. Rocking the pants off anything we’ve experienced yet so far. More to come. WAY more to come. I am beyond excited. I am ON FIRE.

Still dealing with the day-to-day grind of juicing, 170+ supplements (and counting…the number keeps growing as we learn and add protocols), yoga, emotional processing, and intense energy fluctuations (flat on the couch some days, almost-like-normal-people other days). I’m learning to roll with it all instead of fighting it. And the future looks very bright indeed.


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  1. Peter Bryan

    Beautiful Sister of Life, so HAPPY FOR YOU.

  2. Kelly Adams

    WOO HOO, Talya!!! You DID it!!! You GO girl!!!

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