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Death + Dying

The Big Cancer Update Post

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Cancer Goddess, Cancer Healing, Death + Dying | 8 comments

I'll cut to the chase: my latest brain MRI, spine MRI, and abdominal CT scans all show that things are going wonderfully. I'm happy to be alive. Life is just beginning after four years of challenge after challenge. The doorway into the magic golden land is actually here. Magic on Earth is possible.

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Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Cancer Goddess, Cancer Healing, Death + Dying | 0 comments

Dear Ones, Lately my thoughts keep returning to the idea of legacy. Life purpose, life mission, call it what you will, but I believe we each arrive hardwired to contribute to the great global tapestry of life. That’s legacy. So while I intend to stay here in this body for quite awhile yet, I also want my presence here, especially the suffering part, to count. To matter. To leave a lasting imprint of some kind, and I’d prefer it to be a helpful one. It wasn’t too long ago that...

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Robin Williams and Divine Timing

Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Best of The Goddess, Death + Dying, Goddesslicious | 2 comments

A couple of nights ago I was still seeing Robin Williams links and mentions in my Facebook news feed, so I got to wondering. Why did he do it? Why did he end his life THAT WAY on THAT DAY? Why not next week? Or next year? Why suicide? Why not an accident? Cancer? Why did he not live out his life and die an old man, well-lived?

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My Mother’s Eulogy

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Best of The Goddess, Death + Dying, Goddesslicious | 6 comments

My mother’s body was buried today. I wrote something to be read at the service since I can’t be there.   Jane Elizabeth Harrer, March 21, 1935 — May 2, 2013. Child of the Depression My mother, Jane, was born during the Great Depression, the younger child of Clarence and Beatrice. She grew up in a Chicago suburb surrounded by family, living next door to her aunt and uncle and spending lazy summers by the river. By all accounts, she had a wonderful childhood filled with...

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Farewell, Mom: Jane Elizabeth Asbury, Mar 21 1935 – May 2 2013

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Death + Dying, Love + Relationship | 2 comments

I’m half an orphan now. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but goddamn it my mother died last week and I now feel as if my umbilicus was ripped out by its roots and I’m floating, unanchored and adrift. Motherless. I hate this feeling. I know it will change, and I knew my mom would die some day (right? we know this?) but OMFG I had no idea how it would feel. Let me tell you about my mom. Jane. Jane was born during the Great Depression, the younger child of Clarence and Bea. They lived...

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What’s so bad about dying?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Cancer Goddess, Death + Dying | 3 comments

Oh come on. Perfectly plausible question. What’s so bad about dying? Most of us go our whole lives trying to avoid it. Yet, none of us can, not under conditions as we understand them to be. But why? What is so bad about being dead? When you’re dead, you’re not alive [insert a buffalo-sized DUH here]. Okay, I understand that. Dead = not alive. Being alive means you get to play in this beautiful playground we think of as life on earth. Being alive means you get to play with...

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