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(Just like) Starting Over: Major tweaks to weeding the cancer garden

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Cancer Goddess, Cancer Healing, Gerson Therapy | 6 comments

Hi, I’m Talyaa, and all my cells are turning inside out. We got some bad news last week. I went in for a CT scan of my head to prepare for the Cyber Knife process that was supposed to zap the shit out of Fucker Bear. Cyber Knife is a kinder, gentler radiation robot thing that doesn’t require bolting a metal Frankenstein frame to my skull (yes, really… go here for a photo), and I was pretty excited to try it. Then we met with my radiation oncologist and she’s all,...

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A typical day of championship cancer winning looks like this. Part One.

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Cancer Goddess, Cancer Healing, Gerson Therapy, What Cancer Feels Like | 6 comments

For those playing along at home, a recap: In July 2012 I found out I had Stage 4 cancer. In a single moment my life changed forever. Cancer — melanoma, a killer — had spread to my brain. Doctors expected me to live only a few months. They sent me home to die, with a wad of prescriptions in my hand. According to doctors I should be dead now. But I’m still here. You can’t get rid of me that fast, cancer! MUAHAHAHA! If doctors didn’t believe I could reverse cancer’s...

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