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Wild Goddess Reports

March 2012: Make Ripples

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This is the month when the proverbial rubber meets the road. Also when the you-know-what hits the fan. Know why? Because this is the month when you get bigger. You take steps. You enlarge your sphere. You become more of You. You get closer to the Self that you are creating, the You that you always have been but have not yet become.

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February 2012: Ascend New Heights

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This month will give you new perspective on your own magical voyage. From where you stand now, you cannot possibly see all that stretches before you over the next 28 days. No, for that perspective you must live those 28 days. You must climb your mountain. One step, one day at a time.

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January 2012: The Wheel In The Sky

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January is all about walking into a shining ray of clarity. Look for it. Try not to overthink it. Just rest in the knowing that you will likely create – with no extra discernible effort on your part other than feeling into your choices – a path to stepping into your power this month. This path will serve you all year and beyond. You are turning the Great Wheel. Kissing the day.

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The Year 2012: The Beauty of Humanity

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What it means to be human Perhaps you have not thought about this in a while. So think now. What it is about you that is an essential part of your humanity? Is it part of your body? Your beautiful heart? Is it your way of thinking that sets you apart as human? Or is it an evolutionary thing, like having opposable thumbs? What makes you human? Perhaps that is a rhetorical question, but it begs an answer. What makes you....You?

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December 2011: Your Heart’s Drumbeat

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This month – December 2011 – is all about taking action from the beat of your heart, from the rush of life within your own body, and from the dreaming of your wild dreams. What calls to you this month? What speaks to you with a deepening and a quickening? What connects your breath to the breath of a million throats? What lights you up?

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November 2011:Your Wild Dream

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If you only dream small dreams, then a small life is what you will create. If you truly desire a big life, then let your dreams run wild. Stop being afraid. Stop letting what you think might be possible limit you. Let your dreams inhabit you. Let your dreams free you. Let your dreams become your magic carpet, your golden pathway, your personal infinite magical world. Let your inner world come out and play this month, and let it be wild, the wild November winds of magic.

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