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October 2011: Create Yourself Anew

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Imagine what your life might be like if you could manage to be in that space, in that very present awareness, all day long. Imagine who you might be if that were the case. Imagine what being you would feel like. That is what you are doing this month. You are re-structuring. Re-creating. Re-living. Re-newing. Dreaming yourself into being. Becoming You.

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September 2011: Get Ready For The Show

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Did you wake up this morning wondering why the walls around you, your bed, your face all still look the same, because this morning – this morning – you were convinced that in the night, while you slept, you finally dreamed your Real Self and the Real World into being? Are you waiting for the world to catch up with your dreams?

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August 2011: Become Your Light

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Consider this your coming-out party. A celebration of You, of the You That is Within and the You that you have been keeping from the world. This month, you take the spotlight. You shine forth your beacon of Self. You let the world see you in all your glory.

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July 2011: The Fire Within You

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All year you have been preparing for what is to emerge from deep within you this month. This is the month that you connect with the True You, the fire deep within, the source of power and strength that is inside you and always has been. This is the month that you begin to manifest your True Self, showing yourself and the world the beauty, the perfection, the exquisite imperfect humanity that is you.

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June 2011: Raise Your Inner Power

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Coiled within you has been All That You Are. Waiting. Hiding, perhaps. Resting. Growing stronger and more powerful. This All That You Are is now ready, nearly ready, to begin to make its way upward and outward into the light. Thus begins The Rising.

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May 2011: Burn Yourself Clean

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This month, what is not needed is burned clean. Many of us will choose to allow layers of held emotions, patterns, and beliefs to burn away into a fiery pyre, sending sparks of intention up into the ethers and sending a message to the universe about – clearly this time – what is needed and what is not.

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