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April 2011: Underground Wave

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Rolling beneath you right now are the reverberations of what has now become years of foundational activity. This manifested physically last month as the devastating and planetary game-changing earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but continues still as movement underneath, behind the scenes, and growing momentum for supported global change. Are you ready?

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March 2011: Build From Your Bones

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It is the perfect time to build from the ground up. You have your foundation. Your bones are strong. All you have to do is to decide what you will create on top of them. What face will you show to the world? What gifts do you clothe yourself in? Who do you become that will support what it is you wish to do?

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February 2011: The Heavens Unfold

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It is beginning. The world of magic you have been creating, breathing into life, is beginning to take shape this month. This is the month when some of the difficulties and uncertainties stirred up in late 2010 and early 2011 begin to fall away, leaving new shapes and new glorious designs in their place. The life you are creating begins now.

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December 2010: Culminate and Begin

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Can it be that we have reached the final month of this calendar year? Now is the time that you will look back upon your accomplishments while beginning to look ahead into the coming year, wondering what it is that you will create. At the same time, you will experience the energy that December brings: Culmination and Beginnings.

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November 2010: Move Into Fruition

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This month’s energy is all about Waiting for Fruition. You have laid the groundwork for transformation and for assimilation; now is the time to move into that new space that you have created, savoring it slowly while it unwinds throughout the month. This is the time that your seemingly distant future comes into sharper focus, bringing with it something tangible that you can touch, taste, see, or feel.

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October 2010: Rest in Stasis

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The overriding theme for the month of October is “Waiting.” Many of you feel now as if you’re in a holding pattern; not much is happening, and perhaps your life plans have been put on hold on a temporary basis. It’s not so much an uncomfortable sense of waiting but more one of relaxed anticipation, knowing that something is coming next but not knowing yet what that something is.

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