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Divine Feminine Art

Come Closer, Talyaa Liera divine feminine art

Come Closer, 24×30 acrylic on canvas — my art captures a woman’s inner spirit, her divine feminine essence

My art is an expression of the essence of the beauty of feminine energy and acts as a portal to the beginnings of time, when the Feminine was present to the Earth’s creation.
In my work, I combine goddess mythology from many cultures and traditions with modern depictions of feminine beauty, infusing this alchemical collaboration with a connection to the magical unseen and transcendental forces that surround us in our waking lives.
I paint women as dream beings, ephemera in physical form, archetypes of feminine wisdom, beauty, and power.
I paint to express my deep love for the sacred feminine in all her myriad faces. I use colors that evince the vast panoply of feminine expression.
My art is colorful and fun, yet brings the viewer into the ever-deeper inner realms where Love and Mystery reside.


Original Art & Quality Reproductions

Original paintings in acrylic and watercolor on premium canvas or high quality Arches watercolor paper.

  • Original Art Acrylic 24 x 30:  $1,111
  • Original Art Acrylic 24 x 36:  $1,333
  • Original Art Watercolors:  $333

Reproductions are giclée on high quality canvas, using digital capture of the original. These canvas reproductions will last a lifetime.

  • Reproductions of acrylic art 24 x 30:  $333
  • Reproductions of acrylic art 24 x 36:  $377

Prices do not include shipping and insurance. All art is professionally packed and shipped to protect your investment.

Click on the image for details on each piece. Email me if you have questions. I look forward to sharing my art with you!