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Magical Goddess Book

Magical Goddess

A 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life

Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful Self in Just One Month


Magical Goddess is a personal account of my journey to find the Wild Goddess I knew was inside me.

In this book, you’ll uncover deep truths about yourself and reveal a wild, juicy, and confident woman.

A quest for deep inner truth…

In the spring of 2012 I went on a quest to find the wild, juicy woman inside me that I hoped was there. I wanted more in life. Much more. I wanted the spark, the inner beauty and assuredness that comes with fully embracing the beauty of Who You Are. I wrote articles about being a Wild Goddess but didn’t yet believe I was one.

So I embarked on a journey of discovery. 28 days to go deep into the world of the goddess, 28 days to discover my inner Wild Goddess.

What I found, when I opened my heart, was an evolving being — sometimes messy and unpredictable, sometimes wise and knowing. I found deep hard truths. I found exquisite beauty. I found ways to love the woman I am. I found the road to my True Voice, the voice of the goddess.

As each day dawned, a new topic arose and I wrote about it, published as a series of blog posts. This book is a compilation of those posts, along with never-before published material and accompanying deep-dive questions for each chapter to spark your personal journey to find the Wild Goddess who dwells within you.

Who should read this book:

  • You’re tired of trying to be who you are not
  • You want change — great, big lasting change, and you want it NOW
  • You know deep down you’re wild at heart
  • Along the way you turned in your Wildness Card — to fit in, to get along, because you saw no other way
  • Your life feels empty
  • You long to feel wild, sensual, and free
  • You’re in a lifelong struggle to love your body
  • You just know you’re a Wild Goddess but you don’t yet know how to BE one

What you’ll walk away knowing:

  • Your personal spirit animal totem — your main animal protector and ally
  • Compassion for yourself and your life’s journey
  • A new way to think about food
  • Whose rules you live by (so you can make different choices)
  • What beliefs shape your life
  • Your deep-down relationship to sex
  • What you’re angry about
  • Your biggest fears
  • Whose voices (not yours) come out of your mouth
  • The parts of your body you adore
  • How you take responsibility for others
  • Your body’s hidden messages
  • How to unlock the juicy Wild Goddess hidden inside you

This is what you’ll get:

Part juicy raw memoir, part deep-dive inquiry How To, Magical Goddess is a 130-page exploration of The Woman Self.

It began as my quest to unlock the Wild Goddess inside me, and quickly grew to a journey that unfolds in every woman — how to be free, powerful, and completely and unabashedly womanly.

Creating this journey changed my life and the way I look at myself forever.

(A Peek Inside….)

  • Metaphorical tiger sex!
  • How to eat a mango
  • A leap off a cliff
  • Embracing unicorns
  • Those silly mattress tags


1. Chapters never published or included in my original blog series.

2. Four free practices designed to support and enhance the work you’ll do in Magical Goddess.

  • Bathe in Self — a profound practice of self-acceptance
  • Heart Chakra Mirror Meditation — learn to really love the woman in the mirror
  • Mindful Eating — bring the power of Nature into your meals
  • Womb Warming — connect with the most sacred part of your femininity

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