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Fine. I’m a cancer blogger now. Embracing it.

dying-goddessI don’t know if yours does this, but I suspect it does. Your mind. Explodes with possibility when something new happens in your life. Does it?

Six-plus months ago I left the hospital with the word cancer cancer cancer beating a constant refrain in my head.  My head had a mind of its own and it started thinking about stuff. A whole lot of stuff. Stuff like how do I write an update about this on Facebook and omg my kids are going to think their mother is dying and shit, I think I’ve had my last glass of wine EVER.

Yeah, well I also made plans-in-my-head for this website. Cancer blog? This ain’t never going to be no cancer blog. Because in-my-head, the whole Cancer Thing was going to Go Away in less than six months. I’d be healed! Magically! Feeling awesome! Dancing tango with my soulmate! Inundated with clients!

I was a bit off the mark.

I still have cancer. A lot of it. (side note: did you know that we come equipped with a cancer-o-meter that looks a lot like a car’s gas gauge? Empty. Full. Or is that just in my head?) I’m not healed. I feel anything but awesome. Tango is still a faraway future memory. And there are no clients: ha! What was I thinking? I can’t work. My head is stuffed with dry leaves, pocket fluff and stray pins. I have the follow-through abilities of a newborn platypus. I suck at work right now. There is no work. Just cancer.

Ta da.

Thus the Cancer Blog is born. Welcome.

This is probably going to be the truest-to-me website I’ve ever had. Wild Goddess Life was about who and what I wanted to be. I didn’t stop to notice the part about not yet truly feeling like a wild goddess. I figured that if I talked about it enough, I’d become it. I feel anything but a wild goddess now. I’ve let it go. Maybe it will come for me out of whatever healing I do with the cancer thing. I’ve made a long list-in-my-head of emotional patterns and life beliefs I want to shift, things that I think got me into Cancerland to begin with. In my head, shifting those things will help me find out more what a wild goddess is.

But right now my job is healing from cancer. So this is a cancer blog. Fine. Hi. Cancer Goddess, reporting for duty.



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  1. Resha Sabre

    I consider you a Goddess Goddess. A Being-Real Goddess. For me, it doesn’t get any better than this.

  2. Sonia Nordenson

    You ARE a wild goddess, Tályaa. And yours will be the most magical cancer blog ever tapped out on a keyboard. x o x o x

  3. theia

    At last I can feel you. Thank you my honey: you sound on the right track. You have more ‘body’ in this post.. more gutsy. Yes that probably sounds weird but you just are not here for ‘entertainment value: you and we are here for what is authentic, real, grounded and human. And once again, you help me to wards my own mirror. yikes whatever you are doing at present:, it looks wholesome to me. Theia.

  4. frances

    Wow….I love your utter authenticity and your courage to reveal your raw heart….You are a huge shining Light however you show up….sending you love and a thousand golden blessings. You ROCK Talyaa xxx

  5. cyn z

    I like the sound of this… u sound damn real… and as we both know… there is reak power in that. may that power enlighten and sustain you. Zc

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