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Fresh Fuzzy Rugs Under My Feet

Put a little love in your heart…and the world will be a better place

[This post was written for Facebook in 2014 when I was getting ready for brain surgery. I’m finally catching up now.]

It really is the little things, isn’t it?

I’m convinced we make our lives from little moments.

My beloved just delivered freshly-dried clean rugs to soften the places where our floors are hard. He takes care of so many little things in our lives: clean rugs, clean kitchen towels, filling up six 5-gallon water jugs with filtered water, banking, thanking people, vacuuming, ordering supplements, basically anything that makes our lives better and easier.

He makes my life better in so many ways.

I’m thinking Solstice thoughts. A new year begins. I call in more magic. More wonder. More appreciation for the majesty of life. More acceptance in the flow of Being.

Today, like every Sunday, was farmers market day. We walked slowly round the circuit of vendors, twice. I could smell how alive the earth is as we walked over moist green grass. Brought home avocados, limes, organic soup, and Bababurgers, awesome organic vegan nut/seed patty things. 65 degrees and sunny meant people wore all kinds of things, from maxi summer dresses with Uggs to sweaters to board shorts and tees. I love that we live here.

Super tired after our brief outing so I changed back into jammies and ate warm soup. It’s hard to make words when I’m that tired.

The tiredness worries my beloved. Understandably so. I am not discontented by it, however. It’s lovely to flow along in this kind of haze, except when thinking is required. But if I witnessed my loved one receding the way I seem to be, I would worry too.

There is so much in this world to enjoy. I tell myself I don’t have to see and experience all of it to feel alive, that life is in fuzzy clean rugs or moist green grass or just breathing, in and out.

Wishing you a lovely Solstice.

Much love, as always.

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