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Gamma Knife zappage tomorrow — join the party! Here’s how.

Oh-noesHola kittens!

Tomorrow, May 30 2013, is Gamma Knife Day to zap the five little fuckers in my brain. I put out a call on Facebook and so far 194 people have committed to sending me healing and energy, offering up prayers, drumming big mojo, or otherwise supporting my journey tomorrow. I believe that BIG things can happen when people band together for a common cause. I am honored and grateful for this outpouring of love and support. Please add your voice if you feel so inclined. Below is what I posted to my Facebook event (and if you’re not yet connected to me on FB, please send me a friend request! I’d love to connect)

Dear fabulous healing superstars and people of the heart:

Please join hands across the globe to send healing vibes, good thoughts, prayers and BOOM to me (Talyaa Liera) on Thursday May 30, 2013. That’s the day I’ll get a second Gamma Knife procedure to zap five new tumors in my brain to help heal my STAGE 4 MELANOMA CANCER. (Our story here)

You can help by holding me in your thoughts and sending whatever healing magics and heart-thoughts that are your specialty.

Gamma Knife is stereotactic radiosurgery, aka ROBOTS THAT SHOOT RADIATION BEAMS. I had this procedure in November 2012 and it was very successful. I’m asking for BOOM amplification now because it will help me through the procedure (deets on that below) and because I’m convinced that great healing can take place when a bunch of hearts and minds gather together.

Gamma Knife Procedure, at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill in Seattle::

1. 8 am. A metal frame is attached to my head with screws. First they inject loads of lidocaine but whatever. It’s still a major ow.
2. 9 am. A CT scan to overlay with a previous MRI to create the guided zappage plan to shoot lasers into my brain.
3. Around 11 am. Actual zappage. No hurty from the robot lasers, but the weight of my head rests on the metal frame to create major owage later.
4. Healing takes place over the weeks to come. I take Boswellia to reduce brain swelling. Last time this went just fine.

Please also hold space for the guided expertise of my radiation oncologist and all the physicists and neuro-people and nurses. There’s a whole team supporting me and they need support too.

Also please send love to my amazing soulmate Dave Donatiu. He will be with me through the whole thing (except in the room with radiation).

Thank you. I am incredibly grateful for you and your beautiful heart.

Here’s info on my cancer healing program:

And we need help! You can help by:

1. Sending healing magics and BOOM.
2. Inviting friends to this event or creating an offline event of your own.
3. Helping with my massive ongoing costs of healing. Follow this link!


Join the conversation and post a comment.

  1. Cynthia ZC

    Will send!

  2. Flora LaRayne

    YOU ARE LOVED ~ the love you ARE is presence. Your Presence is LOVE. Thank YOU…for being so courageous, so HERE, so giving…and receiving. YOU ARE LOVED…and love, and WE are blessed to know you. THANK you for your offerings…we are loved by you.

  3. Shaunna Ballas

    You got it cookie! Sending my wellspring of love and healing light.
    Wrapping you and your angels in a warm bubble of love.

    trust this process….let the metamorposis of healing begin!

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