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Holy cow, I wrote a book!

Goddess Rising!

Writing a book makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING

Hello my lovelies,

About two years ago I became intensely curious. HAD to know, once and for all, what it really meant to be a woman. I know, right? I’d been a woman all my life. I should know this stuff inside and out, like the literal back of my hand. But I didn’t. I’ll wager many of us don’t. We live in a world where being-a-woman often looks a lot like being-a-man. I knew there was a difference.

I had a picture in my mind. I created this entire website around that picture — Wild Goddess Life. I wrote a wonderful piece about what a Wild Goddess is. I believed those words with every fiber of my being. I knew in my head what a wild, juicy, embodied, awesome goddess was. But I didn’t feel it yet inside.  Something was missing. Something was yet unrevealed inside me.

So I set out to find out. To discover the Her inside of Me.

I created for myself a 28 day odyssey into the heart of womanhood, to break open my heart and unshackle my feet and become, once and for all, the wild goddess that I am convinced lies inside every single woman. The journey amazed me. I discovered things about myself — painful things, delightful things, freedom-creating things — that led me here, to this moment.

Then cancer happened.

My odyssey didn’t stop after 28 days. It continued on, spiraling deeper and deeper. I went to the edge and came back. I went father than most of us go until it’s time to step over that edge.

And now I’m back.

The words I wrote during those 28 days became my book, Magical Goddess: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life. Creating the book was easy: upload my words, paste them to Pages, format and edit. Living it was what took work.

I invite you now to take your own 28 day journey.

Your donation for my book will go toward helping me and my beloved with the continued expenses of my ongoing cancer healing. (I have REALLYGOODNEWS about that.)  I can’t thank you enough. Your donations and the gifts from the Seattle tango community and friends around the world have kept us going through some very tough times. This cancer journey isn’t over yet, but I can almost see the finish line.

Also! Take a look at my art!

Select paintings are also available by donation. Talk to me if you’re interested in a custom intuited piece (I transmit your glorious and flowing energy, combined with expressionist interpretations based on photos, onto canvas).

Stay wild, my lovelies.



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