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I Am A Goddess

It’s a powerful statement. Go ahead, try it on. I am a Goddess.

Welcome to Wild Goddess Life, home of Life Destiny ReadingsDivine Feminine Art and Magical Goddess: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life. I am thrilled you have joined me here.

I developed Wild Goddess Life as a natural expression of my journey as a woman and mother. Wild Goddess Life, my work as an Oracle seeing people’s life destiny, and my Divine Feminine Art have been in the works for a long time — a lifetime. Based on years of inquiry with women around the world, I believe that my experiences as a woman and mother are universal. I hope that what I share here hits home for you, too.

I have some  cool stuff to share with you over the coming months, including the launch of some neat products (my first book!) and new ways of interacting with a growing community of amazing women.

A big special welcome to you — I hope you will stay with me as I evolve my work and grow along with you.

Big squeezy hugs and much love,


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  1. Dawn

    I’m so completely proud of you for all you have done. Wonderful, simply, complexly, wonderful.

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