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I Want


It doesn’t interest me what you ate for lunch

I want to know how a sun-ripened peach tastes to you, what the feel of its juice running down your chin reminds you of

I want to taste your breath in my mouth

I want to know what scares you most, and when you feel most alive

I want to feel my belly pressed against yours, two breaths and two hearts

I want to know what makes you cry

I want to smile when I hear your voice and notice my heart quicken in response

I want to know that your laugh has a home in my heart

I want to feel the space between our bodies grow slick with sweat

I want to map the lines and curves of your body with my fingers and tongue

I want to know your desires

I want to fall into not-knowing with you, to rest with you in only Now

I want to forget — if only for a moment — where I stop and where you begin



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