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I’m a Liver Lover

Yummy yummy liver!

Yummy yummy liver!

Today I was scheduled for a second immunotherapy infusion, but we had to postpone because my liver is “irritated”. I’ll bet. But my liver numbers based on yesterday’s blood draw are dicey and I have to get them back within an acceptable range before I can have another infusion.

We think my liver got overwhelmed by everything that’s happened recently — antibiotics from Monday’s back surgery; Tylenol to relieve pain from before back surgery; all the weirdness from the ten-day period when I was having seizures and visiting the ER and basically not doing my healing program; probably some other things I’ve forgotten. I’m also convinced that magic is afoot here and that there’s another reason we don’t yet know why this infusion needs to be postponed.

At any rate, it’s time to love my liver.

What does this look like?

It’s a lot of things, ranging from physical to spiritual:

More coffee enemas (upping from 3 to 4 every day) to give my liver some relief and help with detox.

More carrot-apple juices. I’ve been drinking fresh juices for more than three years now. For awhile it was 12 8-ounce juices every day. This is what saved my life after my initial Stage 4 diagnosis when we didn’t yet know what else to do. Since then I’ve cut back considerably (to 3-4 a day) but it’s time to get serious about juicing again, so I’ve committed to 8 per day.

Loving my liver. Every night I fill myself with love and send it to my immune system, spine, and brain. Now I’ve added my liver and other organ systems.

Supplements. My amazing beloved knows an incredible amount about healing and supplementation. I trust him with my life. I’m taking a bunch of things specifically to support my liver.

Rebounding. I thought these things were ridiculous ever since I was 10 and my mom got one that sat in the corner next to the piano, gathering dust. But it turns out they’re amazing. I’m so thankful that we received a gift that enabled us to get one, because they’re one of the few missing links to my healing. Plus who can resist bouncing on a mini trampoline several times a day?

Creative visualization. In addition to sending love to my liver, I also visualize it and my entire body as strong and healthy. Yay, liver!

Some other things, like Epsom salt baths (after my back surgery incisions heal enough), sunlight, fresh air, and probably several other things I can’t remember. Livers are amazing organs.

If it feels right, I’d appreciate some loving/healing energy directed at my liver.

I’m looking forward to the surprise on my oncologist’s face when my liver numbers normalize far faster than expected. Most people never actually recover from this (this is a reason to get kicked off the clinical trial I’m on), but I never consider myself one of the statistics.

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