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I’m in Remission!

Bursting with energy to live my destiny!

Bursting with energy to live my destiny!

ALL THE YAYS!! Recent brain and spine MRIs show NO CANCER (!!!), except for one small previously-radiated brain spot that has been stable and unchanged for four years.

It’s a huge relief, but my beloved and I are not stopping now! I’m still a long way from health. I’m able to do resistance training now, though, and some cardio, which feels wonderful. I’ve gained about ten pounds, and my new (larger) body feels really strange, having become accustomed to being super thin. I’m still dealing with weird brain things like migraines. I still have adrenal insufficiency, a life-threatening condition.

And I still actually have cancer. Remission means the cancer isn’t actively visible. IT IS STILL THERE THOUGH. Cancer never goes completely away. My body just gets strong enough for my immune system to handle those little rogue mutation cells. That’s what we are doing — getting my body as healthy as it can be, with every system functioning strongly and well.

Next up in our Grand Cancer Eradication Plan: mercury filling removal! I am finally strong enough to do this. My teeth have ten (!) mercury amalgam fillings and they all need to be removed and replaced with new fillings of a safe material by a wonderful local biological dentist that we found. It will cost about $5000, quite a bit less than other biological dentists. We can’t afford it and are raising the funds — please donate! (here’s the donation link) This is a vital and essential part of my healing — in fact, many medical professionals believe that I can never fully become healthy and eradicate cancer cells unless and until I relieve my body of its huge toxic mercury burden.

I give thanks today for being alive, for this body, for the extreme dedication and love of my beloved despite his painful battle with late-stage chronic Lyme Disease, and for the kindness and support of so many wonderful friends (you!).


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  1. Sarah Virginia (Brock) DeArmond

    Praying for you!

  2. Shawn Jezerinac

    Remiss on! Love

  3. Sally Dearman-Cummings

    Bless you both, Oracle and Chief Carer :)) What a journey you’re both on! Much love xxxx

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