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Immuno-Awesomizer Day

Cancer cells, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Cancer cells, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Hello loves. Today I had an infusion of immunotherapy, the second of four potential rounds. The first one, on August 29, worked we think remarkably well. My CT scan from earlier this week showed just how well.

This is magical medicine. It is NOT chemotherapy. Immunotherapy tells the body’s immune system to GO GET WHAT DOESN’T BELONG. Cancer doesn’t belong. The body knows that but sometimes isn’t strong enough to deal with those wily cancer cells. Our plan all this time since my Stage 4 diagnosis more than three years ago has been to disable and eradicate cancer cells while at the same time to strengthen my immune system so my body could do what it’s capable of doing.

The immune system, when engaged, creates inflammation. How I remember this working from 11th grade Physiology (hi, Mr. Bortz!) is that inflammation is a combo of white blood cells coming to the rescue and killing meanie cancer cells plus other, uh, white blood cells (I didn’t study very hard in Physiology — sorry, Mr. Bortz!) carrying away the corpses. I’m mentioning this because after my other immunotherapy infusion my body was dealing with a whole lot more cancer than I have now. and we think that all that inflammation in my spine and floating around in my cerebrospinal fluid likely caused or at least heavily contributed to my seizures.

We’re watching this of course and I’m still on anti seizure meds, but I don’t think seizures will be an issue this time.

I also think that all of this unfolded magically. I needed my near-death ER experience in September in order to fully embrace life. Even though it was terrifying for my beloved. Even though I have daily memory loss, and there are weeks I don’t remember at all. I believe I’ll get it back. Still magical.

And I also believe that I experience life so differently now than I ever did because I meant to. On a soul level I chose it, and it’s all part of how I — along with my beloved — chose to express my life purpose.

Life is an amazing ride. Look around. There is beauty everywhere, if only we remember to look. We are all magical, and every one of us changes lives. We receive messages and signs every day. We have so much inner wisdom. We just have to remember how to hear it. We just have to remember who our true self is, and then BE it.

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