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Immunotherapy Update

These little guys that we're made of are astoundingly powerful

These little guys that we’re made of are astoundingly powerful

I had a second infusion of immunotherapy last Friday. We had a magical window seat overlooking pretty green bushes an an artful bench. Immunotherapy isn’t chemo. It’s to take the brakes off the immune system to set it free to go after cancer cells and anything else that doesn’t belong. My first round worked remarkably well. I had a CT scan last week that showed big reductions in the tumor that started us down this Stage 4 metastatic cancer road over three years ago. It was once 4+ centimeters and now they’re measuring it in tiny single-digit millimeters. Other ones are gone entirely if I remember right. And there was a small new one. WTF? I was angry that there was any cancer AT ALL. Anger is good. I’m taking charge of my life.

Oh, and all the spine tumors (there were a lot; cancer in the spine is medically considered a death sentence, just like my brain tumors. Whatever.) are gone except the biggest at vertebrae T6 (behind my heart!), which is way smaller than it was in September.

But. Now I have to pay attention to my blood glucose levels. Everything in the body is so connected. Immunotherapy knocked out most of the cancer after my first round on August 29, so I no longer have tumors pumping out insulin. Plus my immune system was/is busy getting rid of necrotic tumor cells. Everything became so out of the balance my body had worked so hard to maintain with a huge brain tumor and its accompanying edema plus all the other cancer in my body and spine, and when it was gone my body freaked out and decided to go into seizures. And then anti seizure pharmaceutical meds put it further out of balance. Blood glucose levels plummeted. One medication dropped my blood sodium levels to scary levels, and I was one of 5% of people who get a particular side effect on that med of itchy red spots all over my body. So I went off that med immediately. The other ones are keeping my seizures at bay. We really want to get me off these meds. They’re wreaking havoc with my gut and brain and I’m not sure what else (my beloved Dave Donatiu would know; he’s a magician with functional medicine that treats imbalances at the sub clinical level and I trust him with my life). There is a place also for clinical allopathic Western medicine.

The body wants homeostasis. Balance. I’m doing my part with breath work, Heartmath, tai chi, and emotional processing to help unblock my energy flow. Meanwhile we’re working carefully with all the many factors that caused my imbalance.

I’ll get off the anti seizure meds eventually. And first we have a lot to do to get my body in balance. I was horrified to learn that if my blood glucose levels go too low I could go into a coma. Or that I could have a seizure in the night while sleeping and could die if I’m sleeping on my stomach.

Living in fear of what could happen is a sucky way to live. Better, I believe to be aware of possible consequences and take action to avoid them while at the same time hold a vision of the desired outcome. I envision dancing tango with my beloved. I envision my beloved and I traveling the world and this beautiful US. And I envision my beloved and I sharing our wisdom together to people around the world who feel ready to join everyone around the world who are expanding the field of love with power, freedom, and ease. There’s a quiet movement of change rippling around the world. I love you.


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