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July 2010: Diverging Energies

Last month there was a divergence in energy — internal vs. external — which continues on in the present month, deepening and becoming more plainly evident.

Last September there was a significant nexus or choice point made which resulted in some noticeable change for many of you. Many people found themselves feeling more fully aware of their paths, or more fully aware of the interconnection that exists between all life. It is not inaccurate to state that many people interpreted that nexus energy as the creation of an “us vs. them” or “happy” world vs. a “sad” one, because, in some ways, that has indeed been what has been created and is now resulting in the continuing divergence we see at present.


Many of you are creating beginnings this month, or what feels like beginnings (but really are a continuation of what you have built before this). Tangible evidence of these beginnings can include:

  • Physical moves
  • Relationship changes
  • Changes in vocation, job, or focus
  • Deep internal experiences like visions, eruption of channeling abilities, or meditation retreats
  • Sudden and almost effortless realizations of long-held patterns.

If any of these describes you, then consider yourself well on your way on your path. These beginnings really mark the next step in your own inner growth and awareness of the conscious creation you are building.

What about everyone else? Remember that everyone — “awake” or not — has an important part to play in this beautiful tapestry you are creating. Does it serve anyone to maintain an “us vs. them” mentality? Likely not, but again that is the sense that is being created along with this energy of divergence. It is human nature — or the nature of the sense of separation that exists on the physical plane — to make endless comparisons, to lump together in herds, clans, or other groups of like interest, background, path, or origin, and to see the world in terms of “us and not-us.” Again, it is difficult to resist this perception.

The path of the future

What is interesting here, however, is that as a planet we are moving toward a very different time and hence a very different perception. A few hundred years from now, this “us vs. them” will be far less pronounced. Even fifty years from now you may see some significant change in this direction. That’s what is being built now. The reason there is the perception of increased divergence is that when people feel change coming, they instinctively attempt to hold on to the familiar. In this case, the perception of separation has served the species well (in terms of soul growth, experience, and evolution). Look at all the wonderful experience (on a large-scale level as well as interpersonally) you have had! Wars, famine, conflict. There is a great deal of growth inherent in those experiences. If everything were love-and-light all the time, your growth would have occurred very differently, and — dare we say it? — much more slowly and perhaps less efficiently. Yes, this planet is perhaps one of the most conflict-oriented that we know of, but at the same time there is a great deal of dynamic energy here that is beautiful to behold.

The experience, then, of those who are perhaps less consciously aware of energies, an overall global path, and the interconnectedness of beings will tend to grow towards the familiar. When I spoke before about the emergence of a quasi police state in North America, this is what we meant. Security, family, and protection will be the watchwords. This naturally arises as a whole new slough of rules, laws, and restrictions designed for the well-being of the greater population. Safety litigation will be on the increase. Restrictions in all sectors of manufacturing and industry will increase as well. But what we see in the not-too-distant future is an implosion. Heavily-mandated restrictions and a desire for safety for all (at the expense of freedoms) will naturally cause the overall structure to topple. Chaos will ensue for a time until a new energy emerges.

Of course, that is only the general course of things and does not reflect the month of July except as the stage-setting for what is to come.

Global effects of the divergent energies

So, besides the aforementioned beginnings for many of you, what else is happening on a global level this month?

  • Breakthroughs in understanding in human psychology.
  • A beginning of a significant decline in births on a global basis.
  • Substantial transitions (deaths) occurring on a regional basis in several locations. Likely locations are Portugal, Croatia, Iceland, the U.K., Malaysia, and other parts of Western Europe.
  • A large air travel accident.

Weathering your beginnings

To make the most of the energies being offered you in terms of your personal change and growth it is important to continue to listen to yourself on a heart basis. The phrase “follow your heart” has even more meaning this month and can assist you in getting in closer connection with the wisdom of your inner guidance. To assist in this process, we offer the following suggestions:

Heart awareness. Spend an hour, a day, or several days trying to drop your consciousness down into your heart. Start by imagining that you see the world from the level of your heart. Imagine that your heart has eyes and can see. Imagine growing your energy outward into the world from your heart, expanding your own limitless heart energy into the space around you. There is no need to DO anything, but simply BE with that energy of expansion.

One step. There is a common saying among Reiki practitioners, a set of statements that begin with the phrase, “Just for today…” You will find that applying that to yourself can be extremely empowering. It allows you to remain in the present without projecting your energy unnecessarily into the past or the future. You may see or feel what it is you wish to create — for yourself, for those you love, or for the planet — but the most effect you can have is truly from THIS moment, from Now. Allow the rest to take care of itself. This is not denial but is instead an allowing of space, of trust, that the Universe will evolve in a way that supports the highest good of all.

Compassion. Instead of finding fault, feeling frustration or anger, or dismissing those who follow paths other than yours, remember that they too are helping create your soul experience. Your awareness is as it is because, in part, there is an other awareness (other than yours) to contrast your own against. But all experience on the planet is a part of the infinite beauty you weave together. Allow yourself this month, then, to feel a little of the perspective you don’t share. Feel the desire for safety and protection. Feel the fear of changes. These are not unfamiliar feelings for you! You have this within you as well, and as such can extend the bigness of your heart — true compassion — to those who follow oaths that diverge from your own.

Again, we are immersed in change. How you allow this into your Be-ing is truly up to you. There are no wrong choices. If you listen to what is truly within you, you will always choose wisely and create experiences that support your connection to Self.

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