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My Brain Surgery is Scheduled!

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February 3. Very early in the morning. I’m happy to finally have my next steps.

Last week we saw a rockstar neurosurgeon guy in LA, the day after my soulmate husband went on a get-things-done rampage of awesomeness and magically extracted phone numbers of area neurosurgeons who do laser probe brain surgery. They do exist! A very small handful, but still. Yay!

And my beloved snagged a next-day slot with the rockstar guy, who seemed very good and very capable. (I don’t remember much from the appointment since I had to get up very early — for me — and I curled up on the little exam table and slept for a lot of it.) We’ve been waiting for a date ever since.

Meanwhile I have preppy things to do like blood work and an MRI and an EKG. And on The Surgery Day I’ll have to get up at like 3am so we can drive to LA, which will be terribly painful and before-the-crack-of-dawny but I don’t have to think about it yet so I won’t. Yet.

I expect to stay in the hospital after surgery for a day, possibly two days. One of the awesome things about this laser probe surgery is that recovery is so much easier than an open craniotomy. So yay! And my beloved plans to bring things for my comfort — pillows, comforter, slippers, juices, and food. He will sleep with me in my hospital room and be my powerful advocate.

I feel both nervous and relieved. I’ve been waiting for so long for this surgery, and it still doesn’t feel real to me. Oh well. Maybe having one’s brain poked into and a cancerous piece burned out with a laser is supposed to feel strange to contemplate.

I don’t yet know whether to expect to feel better or worse afterward. I’m filing this along with all the other things I’m choosing not to think (worry) about yet.

So there we go. Surgery on February 3, the day after Groundhog Day. And if you should feel drawn to donating to our Beat Cancer fund (go here or PayPal to Dave at dave@wakeupyourlife), we will gratefully accept. Every amount makes a difference.


Much love, as always.

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  1. sonianordenson

    That’s a good day (astrologically) for your procedure, Talyaa. Love and blessings!

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