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Life Destiny Reading

Are You Among the Few Who Ask These Questions?

  • What purpose does my life serve?
  • Why am I here?
  • How can I make my life meaningful?
  • How does my life connect to the lives of others?

Long before you were born, you agreed to take your place among humanity to support the universe’s evolution. This place, or destiny, is unique to you. No one else can fulfill your destiny — it is yours and yours alone. Without you and the place you occupy in the web of humanity, your destiny would go unfulfilled. Your part in the universe would be empty and become a hole in the fabric of the tapestry of human evolution.

So small, yet with such a very big part to play in humanity's story....

So small, yet with such a very big part to play in humanity’s story…

What is Destiny?

Imagine having a best friend who knows you better than anyone, who is at your side at all times, and who whispers gently into your ear the things you need to hear to help you live your best life.

That’s destiny.

Destiny is the second-most powerful force on the planet, second only to Love. Destiny is a pervasive, magnetic force, a rushing undercurrent flowing beneath us at all times, carrying us to fulfillment of our one true place in the world.

Destiny is the blueprint of our lives, the basic structure we use to make life choices. It is our representative among the council of wise inner voices of the universe, our hotline connection to the Divine.

Every person’s destiny is unique, and connects with and supports other destinies, including the Grand Destiny of humanity. Without destiny, we humans as a species would not evolve. We need destiny in order to learn and grow as humans, and as galactic citizens.

My destiny story

For years, I wondered about my life’s purpose. I was a theater arts major, a property manager, a mother, a writer, a channel, but in all those occupations I felt something was missing. I liked my work but I didn’t LOVE it. I didn’t know where my life fit. I didn’t know who I was.

I saw everyone around me going about their lives with what seemed like determination and even joy, never noticeably worrying about whether or not they were living their destiny. I felt alone and adrift. I didn’t know how to make my life make more sense. I wanted desperately to feel my life meant something, that I was somehow in service to others, but how?

It took a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, two brain surgeries, and four years of the hardest work of my life to heal — and to discover the deep truth of my destiny. Now, my entire life is aligned. It all makes sense. Every moment of my life feeds my purpose on this planet. I know where I fit. And I finally am living in full devotion to my community and to the world.

Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights worlds. — Rumi

Why we need to know our destiny

Knowing your destiny is like having a roadmap to the amazing adventure that you created before you were born. When you know your destiny, everything in life fits. You know who you are and what you are here to do. You have what you need to create a life that you LOVE.

That’s just how destiny affects your life. When you plug firmly into your destiny, you also help support everyone else’s destiny, which in turn supports humanity’s destiny!

When we live our destiny, we support humanity’s evolution.

What happens if we don’t know our destiny?

Some people don’t know their destiny but they somehow manage to tap into the energy flow of Destiny anyway. We look at them longingly, wondering why they seem to effortlessly have it all together and why we don’t. We think of them as lucky, or that they had special help, or that the gods just favor them more than the rest of us.

That’s not you? You’re far from alone. Most people don’t know their destiny and certainly aren’t living it. They feel like I felt most of my life — alone, adrift, always looking for the “one thing” that was supposed to define my life and tell me why I am here and what I am supposed to do.

Eventually, if we aren’t fulfilling our destiny, we lose essential inner energy (known in ancient traditions as chi or qi). We fade away, contract dis-ease, and die.

What we think of as “normal” aging is actually the result of an unlived destiny! People who actively live their destiny remain vital and healthy until it’s time for them to release their physical bodies.

Fully aligned with destiny

When we are fully aligned with and living our destiny, life flows. Desires manifest more easily. We become more magnetic. The world benefits in essential ways.

Your destiny is unique and can only be fulfilled by you! When you actively align with destiny you support all other destinies and correspondingly, you support the entirety of humanity.

What to expect from your destiny reading

Expect to feel blown away! Expect tears of truth and recognition. Expect deep shudders of relief. Expect to feel as if your life suddenly fell into place: your deepest desires handed to you as the gift that they are.

You’ll connect with the deep truth of WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE HERE that you created before you were born.

“You will know the call of your destiny, because it will sound insane.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Your destiny reading includes:

  • YOUR IDEAL DESTINY, assuming your ability to fulfill it
  • BLOCKS to fulfilling your destiny
  • WHAT IS REQUIRED to fulfill your destiny
  • IMPACT ON THE WORLD when your destiny is fulfilled or if not fulfilled
  • IMPACT ON COMMUNITY when your destiny is fulfilled or if not fulfilled
  • IMPACT ON YOU of fulfilling and of not fulfilling your destiny

You will receive your destiny reading as a Word document via email, within 5-7 business days of placing your order.

How to get your Destiny Life Reading

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