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Magic Mojo Goddess Kit

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess and Magic Mojo
Remember when you were a goddess and you were all powerful? When you could hurl thunderbolts with your staff and when the stars sparkled behind you in a misty purple sky? You remember that, right? Wait. You don't? Maybe your goddessness got dislodged when you wiped dried Cheerios sludge off the baby's high chair for the 200th time. Maybe your goddessness fell off when you spilled your morning latte all over your lap in a rush to get to the office. Maybe your goddessness went to the place socks go to from the dryer.

But there was magic once.

We can have the magic back. The beauty, the joy, the feeling of being connected, of loving and feeling loved. We can have that, or at least a piece of it. A reminder. Steps on the path to awesome. Toward magic mojo. That's where I can help. I thought about what happens when it feels like my Inner Goddess has taken a permanent vacation. I thought about the things I need at those time to feel more together and hopeful about flowiness and goddessliciousness. And I made a list of those things. The things that work. The things that feel magical. The things that help me remember my inner goddess. And I came up with a Big Box 'O Awesome that I think you'll really like. The Magic Mojo Kit -- to help you take back your magic and reclaim your inner goddess.

But first, read this...

Most of my time + energy goes to healing my cancer, but part of living is living one's purpose. Serving others is part of my purpose. I have limited availability but I want to make time for this work and I will make time for you. I'd be honored to be a part of your healing journey. This is my gift to you. To comply with state + federal regulations for my Medicaid and SSI eligibility, I am now accepting money on a donation basis only. The Paypal button below will take you to my soulmate's account. Please pay only what you wish. This work is my gift to you. The prices I used to charge are listed below but please pay an amount that you think is a fair exchange, which may be less (or more) than I used to charge.

Now... on to Magic Mojo!!

A peek into your personal magical mojo goddess reclamation kit:

  • Where does the magic go and why? The four biggest magic-suckers and what to do about them.
  • Five easy-peasy tools to take back your mojo, instantly.
  • Your biggest ally in reclaiming your magics and releasing your Inner Suck.
  • How to spread the love and feeling-good feelings, cuz you know you want to.

Why did I create this kit?

I believe we can live in a magical world. Not so much sparkly unicorns and elf pants, but good-feeling flowiness where we just feel Right in the world. Powerlicious. Goddesslike. We goddesses feel a lot. We are queens of feeling. But that also means that sometimes we feel things that don't feel so good. I want to feel my magic mojo pretty much all the time and I want you to feel yours, too. The more goddess-y we are, the better I believe the world will be. Kind of like one big Kumbayah moment, standing in a circle holding hands and singing. Doesn't that feel good? I want to hold your virtual hand and sing to you. Creating and offering this Magic Mojo kit is my way of holding your hand. Singing, too.

Here's what you'll get:

1. My professionalish magical guided meditation mp3 (24 min). 
This will help you connect with your body. Why your body? Because that's what gets used and abused most of the time (we have cupcakes to thank for this). The meditation comes complete with my oh-so-soothing magical voice and nature-y sound effects that add to the calming, magical experience to help you feel yourself and the power inside you.
2. A second professionalish magical guided meditation mp3 (27 min).
This one helps you connect to your emotions. Why emotions? In times of great change we can go all emo and get eye-stabbingly out of control (or maybe that's just me?). My oh-so-soothing magical voice and enhancing sound effects will help you feel grounded and connected, just in time to defend your entire office from a team of twenty ninjas descending from a helicopter. If you had to. Trust me. [BONUS: many people report deep transformation and shifts occurring with these meditations, so your walk back into magic mojoland could also be healing and transforming. Double win.]
3. My 22-page e-book step-by-step of super-useful, easy-to-do practices and awareness exercises.
This will help you get grounded, release the stress gunk, and step back onto your personal magic mojo carpet to goddesslicious Awesometown.  

How much is it?

$11 suggested donation.  

How does it work?

So simple. Clickety click "Donate." Pay the money. Donesville. Sit back and wait for the awesome. You'll get your PDF and two automatic download links emailed to you automagically and direct to your pretty little inbox by the happy elves who live inside my computer. Download, listen, read the PDF, and you are on your way to reclaiming your magic mojo.  

Your magic starts....NOW.

And hey, if you're not yet sure if the Magic Mojo kit sounds like your cup of chai, think about this: This stuff works. I care whether you have magic. I believe in your Inner Goddess.  
And if it's not your thing, no worries. I still think you're awesome. Maybe I can hold your hand and sing to you another time.