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Past Life Exploration

Ever wondered why you…

…felt totally “at home” in a place you visited for the first time?

…have strong fears or aversions that you can’t explain?

…see recurring dream snippets of scenes from other times, other places?

…feel a strong connection to a figure from history?

…just don’t like someone, even though you have no reason not to?

…meet someone for the first time yet it feels like you’ve known them forever?

…feel like you’ve “been here before”?

…then you’ll want to uncover unseen influences from the past. YOUR past.


Past Lives — Gateway to Understanding Your Life


What’s a past life?

A past life is a symbolic energy message from a part of you that experienced life in another time and place. It helps you experience or understand something about yourself now. Some people believe in past lifetimes very literally, while others believe past lives are expressions from the collective consciousness that we humans all share. Regardless of belief, past life exploration is a fascinating and powerful tool for better self-understanding.


Expected results of knowing about your significant past lives:

  • Helps release unexplained pain or fears
  • Gives you access to more of your consciousness
  • Provides a starting point to heal old emotional wounds
  • Helps ease recurring nightmares
  • Explains nature of challenging relationships
  • Explains why certain people feel like instant “old friends”
  • Helps you feel more at home in your world


Do I have to believe in reincarnation to benefit from knowing about my past lives?

Specific spiritual beliefs are not required, but openness to learning something new about yourself is essential. You can use your past life information to help evolve yourself in the present.


Does every past life I’ve ever had affect me now?

Probably not. That would be a lot of information to constantly catalog in your subconscious, since in some cosmologies it’s estimated that people have lived hundreds if not thousands of previous  lifetimes. Most people are significantly influenced in a given lifetime by only a handful of past lives.


Threads from the past that weave into the fabric of my Now…

Imagine global planetary life as a giant, beautiful tapestry. We humans each hold a thread in the tapestry and weave our threads together with one another’s threads to create a constantly-unfolding rich and varied scene. Now imagine that some of the other threads in the scene are also yours, but from past lives. See how they intertwine with your present-life thread? See how they shape your experience into what it is now? Those past-life threads are necessary. They help create the You that you are.


Many lives, many loves

Love relationships are some of the strongest relationships we have. And we often choose familiar “players” in our lifetimes, people we’ve interacted with in the past. Isn’t life more fun with old friends? If you’ve experienced that feeling of instant recognition with someone, you will want to know how they figured in your lifetimes of the past.


Was I a pirate? Cleopatra? A good guy or a bad guy?

Life is meant to be experienced in its entirety. The soul does not judge what is good or bad — the soul wants to experience ALL that life has to offer. So, yes…very likely in the past you have murdered and been spared, you have loved and been adored, you have created and destroyed, you have conquered and surrendered, you have commanded and followed, and you have led simple lives and quite elegant ones. Your Past Life Exploration will reveal your most significant lifetimes affecting you now.


What to expect

  • Details on up to 10 past lifetimes that affect you now
  • Time period, your occupation, what your life was like
  • How you died and why
  • What effect you had on the world around you
  • Shivers of recognition as you read intimate details of YOU
  • 1000-2000 word document emailed to your inbox


Great! I’m in! What do I do next?

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Donation Option!

You may donate any amount that feels right to you. I will offer you a Past Life Exploration to the level of detail and information that feels right to me after various other considerations are met (my health status, available time and energy, and any non-donation work).

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