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Shamanic Energy Healing

Unlock your magnificence.

Connect to your past, present, and future. Clear energy blocks. Harness the unlimited power of Magic and your magnificent inner soul. Get help from unseen guides and allies that you never knew existed.

Become the person you always knew was inside you.

Through this gentle but super-effective distance energy healing and life recalibration process, you’ll feel more aligned and alive than ever.

Isn’t it time to heal the past and make room for your brilliant future?


Shamanic energy healing reaches into your past-present-future to help heal your Now

⚡ What it is:

Shamanic Energy Healing works on a quantum level to clear blocks in your energy field and help realign your energy to its natural flow.

⚡How it works:

I connect with universal life force energy, guides and allies, YOUR guides and allies, power animals, and my supernatural support circle to uncover your energetic patterns, heal and balance imbalances, and help unlock the brilliance of Who You Are.

⚡ If you’re like a lot of people, you want:

  • Heal past hurts and present pain
  • Understand your life story
  • Know your patterns + how to change them
  • Feel inspired about your life + your future
  • Sense of lightness
  • Feel you are not alone
  • True rest

⚡ Shamanic Energy Healing Is a Three Part Process

Part 1. Assessment (20 min, phone/Skype)

What I do:
  • Connect to your energy field
  • Ask you provocative heart questions
  • Help you clarify what you want from the session and in long-term work with me
  • Establish the focus and intention of the session
  • Explain how the sessions work and what you’ll be doing/experiencing.
  • Give you individualized info on what to expect in your session
What you get:
  • A sense of me and how I work
  • Clarity on what you want from the session
  • Understand possible blocks you have between you and what you want
  • Understand the focus and intent of today’s session
  • Understand what you might experience during your session

Part 2. Healing (approximately 40 min)

What I do:
  • Connect to your energy field
  • “See” your energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and etheric
  • Connect into your past + present + future
  • Assess energy flow through your multiple energy bodies
  • Identify blockages
  • Identify patterns of energy movement through your structure
  • Check chakras + overall energy flow of your energetic structure
  • Channel information on individualized practices you can do at home to support your healing
Depending on your needs, I also might:
  • Heal blockages
  • Heal past patterns of energy movement through your structure
  • Identify guides and allies that work with you
  • Perform shamanic healing (extractions, psychopomp, power animal retrieval)
  • Channel messages from your spiritual guides, allies, helpers, and animal totems
  • Channel supportive practices for you to continue your healing journey
What you do:
  • Relax comfortably
  • Keep a blanket nearby
  • Be undisturbed
  • Turn your phone off
  • Listen to soft music if you wish
  • Close your eyes
  • Be open to what comes
  • Have water nearby for afterward
  • You will know when the energy starts and stops, no timer needed
What it feels like for you:
You might feel something. You might feel nothing. Both are normal. Neither mean that the healing is “working” or not working. No two people have the same experience. If you do experience sensations, they could be:
  • Warmth
  • Pressure
  • Floaty feeling
  • Sensation of falling asleep
  • Emotions — anger, fear, sadness, joy
  • Visual images
  • Crying or laughing
  • Inner guidance messages
  • Lightness 

Part 3. Details + followup: what, how & why

(An email, from me to you. 600-1500 words. Filled with Magic)
Types of information that could come in your email:
  • Where in your energetic system (chakras, energy bodies) I worked
  • Location of energetic blocks
  • Details about your unique patterns of moving energy
  • Metaphors and images you can work with and tap into for greater self understanding
  • Info on your spiritual guides and allies
  • Details of any high-level shamanic techniques used for you
  • Individualized practice plan (aka homework)
  • What it all means
  • How this work relates to your destiny

What you get from Shamanic Distance Energy Healing

  • Paradigm shifts
  • Release of old limiting beliefs
  • Someone on your side who really groks you
  • Open door to the changes you want
  • Loving support on your magical journey
  • Physical healing
  • Feel that anything is possible
  • Identify old patterns to love, heal, and accept
  • Clarity + direction
  • See your life experiences as part of a larger story



Great! Sign Me Up!


Single Session $200

  • Ready for a shift?
  • Not yet sure how much you want to commit to your change and growth?
  • Had a Shamanic Energy Healing session before but now want a tune-up?

Then this is the choice for you.

Single Session Shamanic Energy Healing:

3-Pack Sessions $555

  • Want Big Life Change?
  • Know that healing requires commitment?
  • Committed to changing your life once and for all?

Then this is the choice for you. 3 Shamanic Energy sessions in 3 weeks = 9 times as effective. Each session builds on the one before.

Pack Of THREE Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions:

Can’t decide? Talk to me.

Donation Option!

You may donate any amount. I will offer you a Shamanic Energy Healing experience that feels right to me after various other considerations are met (my health status, available time and energy, and any non-donation work). If you choose the Donation Option, please send me an email detailing your top three desired outcomes from our session. There is no phone call assessment with this option. I will perform your Shamanic Energy Healing at a time that accounts for my available time and energy, and will send you an email containing details of the session as described above.