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Shazam! Energy Healing

Shazam! Distance Energy Healing

(wielding my urban neoshaman superpower magic wand)

shazam goddess Shazam! Energy Healing

But first, read this…

Most of my time + energy goes to healing my cancer, but part of living is living one’s purpose. Serving others is part of my purpose. I have limited availability but I want to make time for this work and I will make time for you. I’d be honored to be a part of your healing journey. This is my gift to you. To comply with state + federal regulations for my Medicaid and SSI eligibility, I am now accepting money on a donation basis only. The Paypal button below will take you to my soulmate’s account. Please pay only what you wish. This work is my gift to you. The prices I used to charge are listed below but please pay an amount that you think is a fair exchange, which may be less (or more) than I used to charge. 

Great! Now on to Shazam!

⚡ What it is:

I connect with universal life force energy, guides and allies, power animals, and my support circle posse to unlock your deep-level Who You Are  — past + present + future. In other words, I help you unlock your Shazam Brilliance.

⚡ If you’re like a lot of people, you want:

  • Healing magics
  • Understand your life story
  • Know your patterns + how to change them
  • Feel inspired about your life + your rockin’ future
  • Sense of lightness
  • Feel you are not alone
  • True rest

⚡ Shazam! Is a Trifecta of Awesome — You Get All 3!

Step 1. Assess (20 min, phone/Skype)

What I do:
  • Connect to your energy field
  • Ask you provocative heart questions
  • Help you clarify what you want from the session and in long-term work with me
  • Identify blocks between you and what you want
  • Establish the focus and intention of the session
  • Explain how the sessions work and what you’ll be doing/experiencing.
  • Give you individualized info on what to expect in your session.
What you get:
  • Clarity on what you want from the session
  • Understanding of possible blocks you have between you and what you want
  • Understanding the focus and intent of today’s session
  • Understanding of what you might experience during your session

Step 2. Magics! Gongs! Superpowers! (40 min)

What I do:
  • Connect to your energy field
  • “See” your energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and etheric
  • Connect into your past + present + future
  • Assess energy flow through your multiple energy bodies
  • Identify blockages
  • Identify patterns of energy movement through your structure
  • Check chakras + overall energy flow of your energetic structure
  • Channel information on individualized practices you can do at home
Depending on your needs, I also might:
  • Heal blockages
  • Heal past patterns of energy movement through your structure
  • Identify guides and allies that work with you
  • Perform shamanic healing (extractions, psychopomp, power animal retrieval)
  • Channel messages for you
What you do:
  • Relax comfortably
  • Keep a blanket nearby
  • Be undisturbed
  • Turn your phone off
  • Listen to soft music if you wish
  • Close your eyes
  • Be open to what comes
  • Have water nearby for afterward
  • You will know when the energy starts and stops, no timer needed
What it feels like for you:
You might feel something. You might feel nothing. Both are normal. Neither mean that the healing is “working” or not working. No two people have the same experience. If you do experience sensations, they could be:
  • Warmth
  • Pressure
  • Floaty feeling
  • Sensation of falling asleep
  • Emotions — anger, fear, sadness, joy
  • Visual images
  • Crying or laughing
  • Inner guidance messages
  • Lightness

Step 3. Details + followup: what, how & why

♥♥An email, from me to you. 600-1500 words. Pure magic.♥♥
What’s in the email:
  • Where in your energetic system (chakras, energy bodies) I worked
  • Location of blocks
  • Deets on your patterns of moving energy
  • Metaphors and images you can work with and tap into for greater self understanding
  • Info on your spiritual guides and allies
  • Detailed and individualized practice plan (aka homework)
  • What it all means
  • How this work relates to your larger life story

What you get from Shazam!

  • Paradigm shifts
  • Release of old limiting beliefs
  • Someone on your side who really groks you (and loves you anyway)
  • Open door to the changes you want
  • Loving support on your magical journey
  • Physical healing
  • Feel that anything is possible
  • Identify of patterns to love + heal
  • Strong loving support
  • Clarity + direction
  • See your life experiences as part of a larger story


⚡ Wait! That’s not even the best part! (long-story alert)

Everything you read up to now is what my life coach told me to write on this page.

“Features and benefits,” he said. “People need to know what you do and what they’ll get.”

He’s right. You should know what you’re getting when you work with me. It’s like going to the dentist when you have a toothache. You wouldn’t go to Dentists ‘R Us and say, “Hi Mr. Dentist, here’s a big wad of money, have at it!” Would you? Probably not.

No, you’d want to know exactly what Mr. Dentist was going to do. You’d want his plan of action, and you’d want him to tell you what you might expect afterward.

Those are Mr. Dentist’s features and benefits. Like….

  • You’d get your tooth fixed
  • You’d be able to eat solid food again
  • You’d wouldn’t lose sleep because of a hurting tooth
  • You’d stop kicking small dogs and children as you walk around the neighborhood (that wasn’t you, was it?)
  • You’d feel better about yourself
  • You’d smile more, because it would no longer hurt to move your mouth
  • You’d feel better about yourself

And, if Mr. Dentist was Super Awesome Dentist Xtreme…

  • You’d lose your FOD (fear of dentists)
  • You’d have better friends because you could recommend a really good dentist (everyone is looking for one)
  • You’d have really great teeth because you’d want to visit Mr.Dentist all the time

So. It’s exactly the same way with me.

Except for the part that is not the same at all.

The magic part of what I do is not about features. It’s about creating an experience.

I choose dentists not just for how good they ate with teeth, but for the experience. Of course I want to have my teeth be awesome and to not feel pain. But I  also want everything super clean and tidy. I want Mr. Dentist and his crew to be happy, smiling, people who are friendly and competent. When I am in the dentist’s chair, I want to feel liked. And I want to feel comfortable — not just physically, although that’s important, but emotionally. I want to feel safe and cared for.

You come to me for an experience. Magic.

Features and benefits are great. You need to know what they are. But mostly, I find that people do not want to plunk down their $200 unless they are pretty certain they are going to have an experience.

Problem is, experience isn’t easy to talk about. It’s a slippery thing — it isn’t the same for everyone. You might have a perfectly lovely experience with a dentist I think is a total jerk.

And it’s easy to talk about dentists. We’re all familiar with them. We know what they do — they fix teeth.

When I drop into a deep place with you, everything else falls away. I am not thinking about my car needing an oil change or about the tostadas I am going to have for lunch. I am totally with you. Totally immersed in a world of limitless expansion and possibility, where everything is possible.

That’s the experience I give to you. When you work with me, you also get to dwell in that place of beauty + magic + possibility.

The journey to meet the Self is the journey to meet the divine.
I bring you numinous experience — I bring you closer to the central core of you — your essence — which is your greatest source of power and possibility.
That’s what paradigm shifting is all about. I help you wake to your true possibility. To more of your true self. To more of your true life.
I adore you already.

Great! Sign Me Up!


Single Shazam (was $195, now DONATION ONLY)

  • Feeling shy + want to try things on?
  • Had Shazam before but want a teeny-tiny tune-up?

Then this is the choice for you.

3-Pack Shazam (was $555, now DONATION ONLY)

  • Want Big Change?
  • Think you’re a tough nut to crack?
  • Ready to step into the Bigness of You?

Then this is the choice for you. 3 Shazam in 3 weeks = 9 times as effective. Each session builds on the one before. You do the math.

Can’t decide? Talk to me.

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