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Soul Profile Charts

What if you truly grokked who you REALLY are? What if you knew your soul's plan for your life? What if you understood how your unique perspective shapes your every thought and interaction? What if you felt your soul's unique flavor?
Soul Profile charts can give you all that and more.
The Michael Teachings is a comprehensive metaphysical philosophy and a practical, down-to-earth archetypal system of self-understanding. It offers tools to help you find out who you are and why you chose to be here, and in my experience offers deep self-awareness and understanding of the universe. The Michael Teachings is a comprehensive metaphysical philosophy and a practical, down-to-earth archetypal system of self-understanding. If you're familiar with the works of Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Eric Erikson and Sigmund Freud, you'll probably resonate with the Michael Teachings. Elements of this system were taught by George Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky and Rodney Collin.  Many of the underlying tenets resonate with Eastern philosophy, especially Sufism.
The basic underlying structure of the Soul Profile is CHOICE. We make choices when we enter our lives that affect how we view the world and how we respond to it.

Soul Profile Chart

Tools For Self-Understanding

Your Inner Who-You-Are
  • Soul Age + Level — your basic perspective about the world
  • Role — the primary nature of your inner essence
  • Casting + Cadences — a secondary nature of your inner essence
SFF (Soul Friends Forever)
  • Essence Twin — your twin soul
  • Task Companion(s) — like BFFs, but way better (together you have a job to do)
Layers Of Color In Your Personality
  • Goal — what you want to learn in life
  • Mode — how you want to learn it
  • Attitude — your outlook on the universe
  • Centering — your go-to mode of response
  • Chief Feature(s) — your challenges
Your Physical Self + Energy
  • Body Types — planetary influences on body construction
  • Frequency — do you process information quickly or slowly?
  • Male/Female Energy Ratio — focused or diffuse?
Where You Fit in the Global Community
  • Cadre/Entity — your unique place in the Universal Big Picture
  • Side of Entity — another flavor (truth, love, or beauty?)
  • Global Job/Community Job
  • Grand Cycles
  • # of Lifetimes so far
OMG! THIS Is Why You Are Here!
  • Life Task — what you are here to do
Helpful Practices That Make Life Feel Better
  • True Rest — what makes you go ahhhh
  • True Play — what makes you go wheeeee!
  • True Study — what makes you go hmmm
  • True Work — what makes you go WOW

Your Soul Profile Chart

  • Contains all the above
  • Emailed to you (PDF)

How Do I Know This Stuff Is True?

Self-validate. Does it ring true for you? Do you feel it in your gut, in your heart? Then it's true. I feel energies. Each person is a unique and yummy energetic flavor concoction made from a combination of the basic energies found in the Soul Profile. There is a near-infnite number of energy combinations and possibilities. Each of the basic energies has its own distinct 'flavor' and body-feel. I feel into your energy field and discern the various elements of your unique combination.

Is It Real?

One day science will catch up with what so many people already know in their hearts to be true. The best way to verify this information is through your own internal wisdom. I do my best to get accurate information for you, and I hope it rings true for you. Most of the time it does. Most of the time that happens right away — you just know. But it's not uncommon for an a-ha about a piece of information I give you to show up weeks or even months later.

Are You Good At This?

I've channeled charts professionally since 1999. I became a student of the Michael system when I was 17, as part of my spiritual awakening. The spiritual structure I use for your Soul Profile— in its raw form — informs the basis of my personal cosmology and is a powerful tool for self-understanding as well as understanding of global events, other people's motivations and actions, and one's general sense of purpose and belonging in the world. Your inner compass and innate self-wisdom will help you decide if the Soul Profile is right for you.

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  • obstacles in your path
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