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The Wild Goddess Sessions

Today’s world is unkind to women

No crystal balls.

How do you know you’re making the right choice? For your family, for your career, for YOU?


Everybody seems to have an opinion about how women should look, dress, act, and think.  It is almost guaranteed that someone out there will judge any decision you make about how you express your womanness.


Throw a cat in any direction in a crowd of women and you will almost certainly hit a woman who’s totally stressed out about her life. Getting kids to bed. Dishes in the sink. Bills to pay. Laundry to fold. No “me” time, let alone “we” time with your main squeeze. Ack!

Embrace your Inner Goddess. Find your inner zen…

Why The Wild Goddess Sessions?

Wild Goddesses listen within and hear the song of their hearts and souls. They access their innate wisdom. They are shaping the future. As you birth your Wild Goddess nature through The Wild Goddess Sessions, you will naturally make choices that better support your growth.

Honoring YOU — as the sensual, beautiful, wise woman that you are — will make you a better EVERYTHING. Better partner. Better worker. Better sister. Better lover. Better mother.

Intensive and intuitive Wild Goddess Sessions are designed to help you uncover what is keeping you from living as a Wild Goddess, and uncover the True You. So that you can do what you are here to do. So that you can live the life you are here to live. And so you can shape a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

This Is Not A Journey For The Faint Of Heart.

The Wild Goddess Sessions spark courage. They ask you to learn to inquire deeply within and see yourself honestly and with compassion. The Wild Goddess Sessions invite you to learn to look at the world and the people in your life with fresh eyes.

The Wild Goddess Sessions ask that you embrace and release the old stories of your life — hurts, fears, challenges — that have kept you from birthing the Wild Goddess inside you. The Wild Goddess Sessions invite you learn to honor your relationship to your Self above all things. The Wild Goddess Sessions encourage you to commit to learning to listen to your heart.

Women who successfully navigate their deep inner journeys through The Wild Goddess Sessions are brave. They aren’t fearless — who among us is? — but they possess the drive to become more complete women. Better mothers, better partners. The women who work with me want a better future for themselves, their children, and their world.

The Wild Goddess Sessions will teach you to look deeply into yourself with compassion, to look with fresh eyes, to release old hurts no longer serving you, to honor your sensual and beautiful Self, and to listen to your heart. I will walk with you. I have walked this journey before. I am your guide, your champion, your anam cara — soul friend.

What You Will Walk Away With:

  • Identify and speak your desires and wants
  • Stop taking responsibility for others in a way that is harmful to you
  • Be a better mother/daughter/partner by being true to yourself
  • Connect to, listen to, and honor your body
  • Expand into your creative self
  • Know Who you are on a deep level
  • Listen to your heart
  • Be how you wish to be in the world
  • Find your life path

What Are The Sessions Like?

We meet weekly on the phone for an hour. Our first session is an inquiry — what your life is like, what works and what doesn’t — and intuitive assessment. In our sessions I use some or all of my superpowers, depending on what you like and what I think works best for you:

  • Intuition. A lifetime of study. Eighteen years channeling higher consciousness. Massive collective wisdom of the ages? Check. Global collective consciousness? Check. They’re my personal posse and they’ll speak for you, too.
  • Energy healing. Painless shifts? Yes, please. I created a unique-to-me modality based on Reiki, The Reconnection, Hindu teachings of tantra yoga, virtual time travel, and the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Transpersonal tools. I am an urban neoshaman. Soul remembering? Check. Metaphor, mythos, archetype, fairy tales and folktales? Check. Hooking you in to the power of our ancestors? Check. I use dozens of tools including shamanism, story and metaphor, guided imagery, breathwork, dialoguing, and the arts.

OMG Is There Homework?

Of course there is homework! How will you change your life without focused intention? Homework, aka intentional practices, helps you:

  • Get clearer
  • Go deeper
  • Develop new habits
  • Reframe your life

We’ll make it fun, I promise. Homework doesn’t have to be drudgery. It could be something simple like taking a walk. Or…

  • Learning the Breath of Fire
  • Throwing a tantrum — the right way
  • Writing a love letter to your future self
  • Creating a special altar
  • Pretending you’re blind for an hour
  • Talking to a rock
  • Painting your power symbol

Just like in life, what you put in is what you take away.

How Do We Meet?

We meet weekly on the phone (I call you) for an hour. We talk. We make magic happen. We laugh. We offer up your old patterns and pains through energy healing. It’s all part of the magic. Our first session is an inquiry — what your life is like, what works and what doesn’t — and my intuitive assessment of you, your energy, and your needs.
Between sessions, you get up to 3 email followup quickies for help if you’re feeling temporarily panicky. I also love to hear about your triumphs. I know you’ll have them!

Session times and dates are arranged in advance. Each session begins with a brief check-in and followup on your Daily Goddessizing Practices from previous sessions.

Sign Me Up!

This is deep work. It’s a commitment — from you and from me. I already know you rock. If you have any questions at all before taking the plunge, chat me up and let’s talk. Welcome to your awesome life.

Single Taste of The Wild Goddess Sessions $200

Six-Pack of The Wild Goddess Sessions (6 weekly sessions) — $1111

Twelve-Pack of The Wild Goddess Sessions (12 weekly sessions) —  $2111

Burning questions? Talk to me.