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Wild and Delicious Life Forecast

Picture this: a years’ worth of delicious exploration of your life. Your next twelve months spelled out in front of you.

Your personal roadmap to the future.

Guideposts, roadblocks, conflicts, triumphs, challenges. Effective and magical practices tailored just for you to help you open to your Wild and Delicious Life.

5 ways to explore You.

Get details on your upcoming year in five areas: personal, physical, spiritual, relationships, and work. Then follow the dotted lines and have your best year ever.

Wild & Delicious Life Forecast is the closest thing I know of to a crystal ball

You Need a Wild And Delicious Life™ Forecast if you…

  • wish you had a crystal ball to access your future
  • know there are changes ahead for you but you don’t know what they are
  • want better understanding of your future options in life
  • feel out of balance in one or more areas of your life
  • want confirmation that things will turn around for you soon
  • want clarity in your life
  • crave understanding of your relationships
  • dream of a better life, but don’t know if it’s possible

What You Get With a Wild and Delicious Life™ Forecast

  • Themes, goals, and upcoming challenges in five areas of life 
  • Personalized practices to support your journey and set you on your best path
  • Arrives in a jam-packed email (1500-2000 words)
  • Clarity and understanding
  • Big sighs of relief
  • Excitement for your year to come

Personal — Self Relating to Self (Who You Are)

  • Issues likely to unfold this year.
  • Patterns that will emerge and arise.
  • Internal conflicts.
  • Personal triumphs.
  • Practices to support increased self-knowledge.

Physical — Earthly Manifestation of Self (Your Body)

  • Physical condition.
  • Patterns of energy manifestation.
  • Challenges ahead.
  • Practices to support optimum health and vitality.

Relationships — Self Relating to Other 

  • How others see you.
  • Upcoming relationship challenges.
  • Patterns that will likely emerge and arise.
  • Practices to support wild and delicious relationships.

Spiritual — Self Relating to the Universe

  • What is your relationship with the Universe?
  • Guideposts to expect along your spiritual path.
  • Why are you here?
  • Personalized spiritual practices.

Career and Occupation — Self Manifested in the World

  • Does what you do for work demonstrate who you really are?
  • Upcoming changes this year.
  • How best to utilize your energy flows and opportunities.

What Wild and Delicious Life™ Forecast Is

  • A vision of your future
  • Juicy, ripe possibilities for you to pluck
  • An exploration of the True You
  • Strong potentials for your upcoming year
  • A boost to manifesting your Destiny

(Speaking of Destiny, check out Life Destiny Readings.)

What Wild and Delicious Life™ Forecast is NOT

  • An absolute prediction of everything that will happen to you this year
  • Telling you what to do or how to live your life
  • An unshakable forecast that you can do nothing to change

If you want the crystal ball thing — and who doesn’t sometimes? — this is the closest way I know of to get it.

Great! I’m In! What Do I Do Next?

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If you choose the Donation Option, please send me an email with the name of the person for whom the Wild & Delicious Life Forecast is for. I will complete your Wild & Delicious Life Forecast at a time that accounts for my available time and energy, and will send it to you via email as soon as it’s complete.