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Wild and Delicious Life

Picture this: a years' worth of delicious exploration of your life. Your next twelve months spelled out in front of you.
Your personal roadmap to awesometown.
Guideposts, roadblocks, beautiful sights to look for. Lots of stopping and rose-smelling. Superpower practices tailored just for you to help you open to your wild and delicious goddess life.
5 ways to explore You.
Get the deets on your upcoming year in five areas: personal, physical, spiritual, relationships, and work. Then follow the dotted lines and have an amazing year.

What Wild And Delicious Life™ Are You Creating?

If it were up to me, we'd be issued helpful tools at birth. Like:
  1. Crystal ball
  2. Road map
  3. Guidebook
  4. Compass
But it's not up to me. Instead of being born with a backpack filled with awesome and fun tools for navigating a strange land, we're born naked. In a foreign country. Not knowing the language. And for the longest time we can't even go where we want. Who planned this vacation, anyway?!! Human life is intentionally mysterious. But not everyone likes surprises. I happen to ADORE surprises, but sometimes I just want that crystal ball. I want to know that the life choices I've made up to now are good ones that will lead toward the wild and delicious life I want. So that's where you have me on your side. Think of me as your personal guiding star. Your tour guide through the next year. I'll show you the guideposts and landmarks to look for through the coming year that will help you feel like you are on the map of your wild and delicious life.

What Can You Expect From Wild and Delicious Life™ Exploration?

A years' worth of themes, goals and delicious exploration. 1500-2000 words, several packed pages. Guideposts, roadblocks, beautiful sights to look for lots of stopping and rose-smelling. Practices tailored just for you that help you open to your wild and delicious goddess-y life.

Personal - Self Relating to Self

  • Issues that will likely unfold this year.
  • Patterns that will emerge and arise.
  • Internal conflicts.
  • Personal triumph.
  • Championing your unique wild and delicious goddess self.

Physical - Earthly Manifestation of Self

  • Physical condition.
  • Patterns of energy manifestation.
  • Challenges.
  • Practices to support optimum health and vitality.

Relationships - Self Relating to Other

  • How do others see you?
  • Relationship challenges.
  • Patterns that will likely emerge and arise.
  • Practices to support wild and delicious relationships.

Spiritual - Self Relating to the Universe

  • What is your relationship with the Universe?
  • Guideposts along your spiritual path.
  • Why are you here?
  • Personal spiritual practice.

Career and Occupation - Self Manifested in the World

  • Does what you do show who you are?
  • What changes might occur this year?
  • How to best take advantage of energy flows and opportunities.

What Wild and Delicious Life™ Exploration Is -- And Is Not.

One of my goddess superpowers is tapping into your potential. I can vision the future and together with you, I can vision many aspects of your life. It is up to you to make the choices that support the possibilities open to you. You can choose to accept and flow with what is present for you -- or you may make other choices. Either is okay and both lead to growth. But your Wild and Delicious Life™ Exploration details the wonderful world of possibility that is being held open to you. I believe that nothing is foreordained. We have a soul-level template of possibility. Sometimes we choose to walk within this template, sometimes not. The closer in connection we are to our True Self, usually the closer we walk to this template. My Wild and Delicious Life™ Exploration taps into your personal template. The choices that you make are up to you, and not always consciously. That is how life works -- often we act in life because of influences we cannot see. Wild and Delicious Life™ Exploration is not an absolute prediction of everything that will happen to you this year. That would be ... kind of creepy, wouldn't it? But it IS a guide to a deeper exploration of the True You. Which means it is also a huge step along the way to your manifestation of your soul-level life template. If you want the crystal ball thing -- and who doesn't sometimes? -- this is the closest way I know of to get it.

Great! I'm In! What Do I Do Next?

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I heart you.