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October 2010: Rest in Stasis

The overriding theme for the month of October is “Waiting.” Many of you feel now as if you’re in a holding pattern; not much is happening, and perhaps your life plans have been put on hold on a temporary basis. It’s not so much an uncomfortable sense of waiting but more one of relaxed anticipation, knowing that something is coming next but not knowing yet what that something is.

Stasis is defined as a state of equilibrium, a state of stability, a period of pause during which there is not a great deal of movement in any particular direction.

The energy of October, therefore, can be used as a period of rest.

While restful to some, to many of you this feeling of non-moving anticipation will be uncomfortable. If you are accustomed to making things happen by using your personal energy to create what comes next, then you could feel as if you are butting your head up against a brick wall this month. What is important to remember this month is much the same as in September — sitting and staying with a feeling reveals much about what is underneath the feeling and what your typical patterns of response are. To that end, October provides an especially rich set of opportunities for self-introspection, and getting to know you Who You Are on the deepest level possible.

If you are one who experiences this feeling of uncomfortable non-moving anticipation, you can learn to change the feeling into one of rest if you like. The feeling of rest is attained when you become less attached to doing. In addition to learning to allow yourself to sit and stay with the feelings of discomfort, this is an excellent time to practice mindfulness in many ways.

Here are some ideas to get your synapses firing and to re-pattern your brain so as to allow resting in the present moment more often:

1. Left-brain, right-brain activities. Try brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand. Pay attention to the sensations — physical, mental, or emotional — that arise for you. Write a letter to someone (yourself or someone you know), alternating between your dominant hand and your non-dominant hand. Again, pay attention to how this feels. Does the flow of energy (words) change depending on which hand you are using?

2. The pause that refreshes. During the course of your day, stop a few times and do nothing but pay attention, without judgment, to the sounds around you for one minute. Another time, focus solely on visual input: colors, shapes, shadow, again without judgment.

3. Body check-in. Once a day or so, stop what you are doing and focus on your body for a minute or two. Start at the top of your head and move slowly downward, scanning your body and noticing anything that you feel (examples: tension in your back, the texture of the carpet under your feet, the slight breeze of a fan), again without judgment.

What if things just seem to flow for you this month? Congratulations! But don’t worry: you are just as busy as everyone else. For those of you who feel flow and rest this month, you are still internalizing all that has transpired over the past several months since the June Equinox. You may find that while on a personal front (spiritual, occupational, physical) you feel restful, your relationships are challenged. This is in part because you are inculcating internal change, and others around you will find this challenging on many levels. This is a month of endings for many, especially in terms of relationships, and it is not especially conducive to beginning new relationships either (Venus turns retrograde on the 8th). Pay attention to the challenges that arise; they are magnified this month and observing them can shed insight on your lifelong patterns.

Other trends this month


Interestingly, this is a good time to begin a program of increased health, whether it is based on diet, exercise, or other personal practices that are focused on the body. Pay attention to your sense of inner vitality this month and explore the changes that take place for you.


Family-of-origin relationships again come to the forefront this month as you begin to explore deep-seated patterns that have long been within you. Do not be surprised if you are again exploring issues you thought you had once laid to rest. Try not to be discouraged if you feel more of the same; what you are exploring this month is a deeper layer than in the past.


Expect some dissension among local communities this month, as people are more concerned with what is going on for them on a personal level than the community as a whole. Try not to take things personally if acquaintances seem distant or even surly. On the local political level, expect more conflict than usual as people’s opinions are coming to the surface in a less self-edited manner.

Global Politics

Change here occurs slowly, often more slowly than seems easily apparent. With all the personal introspection occurring this month, what appears on a wider basis is slower-moving and less noticeable. But overall, this month is a preparation for more apparent changes to come.

Earth Changes

Hurricanes and other wind-related events are common this month, as the surface of the planet reacts to deeper, more internal changes.

Global Spiritual Changes

Reports of UFO contacts and sightings increase this month as the “veil” between reality sets continues to thin. Seemingly opposing spiritual groups become increasingly polarized, setting the stage for eventual conflict of some sort to occur next year.

A practice for everyone

This is a good month to determine what small physical things — actual objects, routines, or practices — bring you comfort on a physical, sensual level. This could be a fragrance that brings you pleasure, a special blanket or pillow, cozy socks, or music that gives you a peaceful gentle feeling. Keep these things on hand and refer to them often this month to help you through these energies and on into the What Comes Next of your life.

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