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Send Us Love For Gamma Knife!

Come at me with your zappers, mofo!

Come at me with your zappers, mofo!

Hello loves, tomorrow morning (Thursday July 23) I get to have Gamma Knife radiation again. This is to treat the area in my brain where the tumor was removed in surgery, as well as to treat a new tumor that appeared in my brain in my latest MRI (from the day of surgery, two weeks ago exactly), plus anything else new in there that we don’t yet know about.

I’m incredibly nervous about this.

Please send love. To both me and my beloved.

I’m uneasy about Gamma Knife tomorrow for several reasons:

– I have to wake up at like 5am, which for me is like the middle of the night. Not getting adequate sleep is very hard on me physically these days.
– Last time I had Gamma Knife, in February, I barfed in three public locations on the way home and felt pretty miserable for hours. Would REALLY like to not repeat that. We will of course take precautions.
– Gamma Knife requires people to touch my head (including screwing a metal frame to my skull and pulling out all those staples), which is already highly vulnerable and painful and I so don’t want anyone to touch it or touch me at all. So yay! More of that!
– I’m tired of feeling messed with and tired and in pain. I resist not feeling well. I want to feel alive and vibrant again. I know that Gamma Knife is part of the path to get there, but jeez. I am so ready to feel good again.
– And please send love to my beloved, because he is the one who lies awake at night if I don’t text him a heart, thinking legitimate thoughts that I’ve maybe had a seizure or died or become incapacitated, any of which could happen. So please love him up good.

Basically I’m scared because I think I’m going to hurt, and I think I will be helped by you sending love and healing energy. It’s helped me in the past. Please and thank you.


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