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September 2012: How To Build Your Future

The old way makes way for the new

This month marks a huge shift in how most of us respond and react to the world around us, to our personal inner worlds, and to the junctions of the two. This month is pivotal. It is the beginning of a new way of being for many of us, and it is essential to the formation of the foundation of the reality that we are co-creating.

The old way was reactive. If a stove was hot, we pulled our hands away. If there were tigers in the forest, we took a different path away from the tigers or we hunted and killed the tigers so our children could run free in the forest. The old way was also limiting. Often we did not act unless and until there was something to react to. We did not create our path from its inception but instead took the direction that made the most sense at the time.

Maybe you have judgments about the old way. If so, then drop them! There is no need to judge yourself and others harshly. This would be like judging an infant for crying because it is hungry, cold, or tired. Infants have a limited repertoire when it comes to responding to their environment. Well, so, too, do you. But that is changing.

The way of our future is co-creation

The new way is about co-creation. This is nothing more than feeling into the myriad possibilities in any choice point and choosing a direction based on the potential of the desired outcome. Many of us do this frequently. What changes — beginning this month — is the level, frequency, and effectiveness of our global collective co-creation. No longer do we make choices based on the potential outcome for one person, or even a handful of people. You may not be aware of this happening, because the shift is subtle yet profound, but from now on your choices will be more largely informed by the collective outcome of the entire planet.

Which means that when you choose today to, say, eat an apple, you are, in part, choosing to do so because on a deep deep level you have awareness that your eating an apple impacts the world in a positive manner. Perhaps you being a little more healthy helps you do your life mission a little better or sooner. Perhaps your experience of eating an apple connects to someone in, say, Nepal who is eating a potato, and the two of you — on some deep deep level — share that experience and are each the richer for it. Perhaps you eating that apple helps spread the seeds of a certain variety of organic apple, and globally and collectively we (all life on the planet) have chosen — on some deep deep level — to boost awareness of that apple variety. Perhaps someone somewhere needed to experience eating an apple at a particular moment in time because the act of doing so is important on some deep deep level to set the stage chemically for events to come.

What does this new way of choosing feel like?

What does this mean to you on a daily basis? Possibly not much. You might not feel a difference at all. But at the same time — can you be sure that you don’t already notice something different? This is like telling you not to think about red monkeys. Now you cannot possibly think of anything else except red monkeys. They are all over the page! Red monkeys! Jumping everywhere! And only because you tried not to think about them. Apply this concept to being aware of a shift in how you make choices. Now that you think about it, haven’t you always made choices with the entire global population in mind?

The interesting thing about choice points like this month’s that affect all of us is that they are retroactive to our memories. Time is simultaneous; we only believe that time is linear because doing so makes it far easier to organize our experiences. But making a choice NOW to do something a certain way can also affect every choice you have already made up to this point, if you allow it to be affected.

Faith? What does faith have to do with it?

Faith is defined as complete trust in confidence in someone or something. Our actions, starting this month, become more faith-based. Meaning that we are choosing based on how the choice will affect us all eventually. We don’t know, or we think we don’t know, how those choices will turn out when we make them, so it feels like faith. What is actually happening this month is an increased level of awareness of our connectedness and how our every choice affects the choices of everyone else. We are living in a giant web of interconnectedness. My choice affects yours. Your choices affect mine. Our choices affect the world. And beginning this month, we all have access to increased deep-level awareness of the outcomes of our choices.

What about building a future?

When you know that you are making choices that support the global collective choice for the future, then your choices are automatically stronger and far more supportive of your personal life mission. When you make choices that support you doing what you came here to do, then the choices you make build your future. Simple.

How to make choices from this perspective

Every moment is filled with choices. Stay in this chair or stand up? Look out the window or at the picture on the wall? Have a baked potato for dinner or apple pie? If every moment is filled with choices, how can you possibly keep in mind the future effect of that choice on the global collective population? Easy. Just feel in. Feel in when you are about to make a choice and choose based on what you feel. Your body, your mind, already knows the way. You are already connected to everyone and everything else; you cannot be NOT connected. So by just feeling in, as best you can, you will automatically choose based on the future outcome.

Step One. Be aware you are making a choice (this might be the hardest part).

Step Two. Feel in. What choice is best for the future you are building?

Step Three. Listen in and choose accordingly.

What to expect this month


All this choosing! You might feel so busy this month choosing from a place of deep knowing that it feels as if you are getting nothing at all done for yourself.

It’s an illusion. Everything you do — even if it seems it is for someone else — is done for yourself and for building the future you wish to create. Just remember that you may not yet be fully aware of all aspects of the future you wish to create. There are wishes on the surface level and there are wishes on a deep soul level. You will feel much better this month and in the months to come if you learn to discern all aspects of the future that you are building and discern also the differences in wishes. You may think you wish to create a certain outcome (a million dollars, for instance), but do you really want that? Or do you want something you think you will have if you also have a million dollars? Spend time this month deconstructing your wishes and determining what is truly important to you about the future you want to build. The more you are aware of exactly what it is you want, the more closely aligned you will feel with it.

Affirmation:  I AM deeply in tune with the harmonies of the world.


Relationships take a handbasket ride to hell this month when people erroneously believe they have to fight the person they love in order to get what they want. When relationships sail smoothly this month it is because everyone involved figures out that they are already on the same side. No need to struggle. No need to fight. You are already on the same page and are striving for the same thing. If you have conflict in your relationships this month, try imagining for just a moment (even if this feels farthest from the truth at the time) that you are fighting a battle on the same side. Then feel how that changes things. And go from there.

Affirmation:  I AM always looking for connections.


People really want to polarize and stick to those they feel aligned with when they feel challenged by something on a personal level. As a result, expect there to be an increase in polarization (Us vs Them) in your communities. People want to feel aligned with and connected to those that they sense a shared vision or agenda. If you are personally challenged this month by feeling that you are not actually working on your personal life mission and instead are spinning your wheels working for everyone BUT you, rethink this perspective. Imagine that instead of all your time that you  had earmarked for yourself being wasted on everyone else, you are actually building your own future with every step, every action, every breath. Because in reality? This is exactly what you are doing. And remembering this will help you feel aligned, centered, and connected to everyone else in your communities.

Affirmation:  I WILL offer my heart to those around me.

Global Politics

If you think polarization is fun in communities, how about them politics!  In the US, some people might feel there are two separate countries because of the high level of polarizing and aligning going on. If that is your experience — feeling dismay at the crazy/silly/ignorant people at the “other” end of the political spectrum from yours — then try the exercise from the Relationship section and imagine just for a moment that there are not two sides and that you are all actually fighting for the same thing. Keeping this in mind through the election season will greatly help you choose wisely and well.

In other parts of the world it is much the same. Governments and countries are much like large communities. You are really all on the same global page, but from your perspective it is almost impossible to see this. So people suffer, governments step on toes and squash human rights, and choices are made that seem to hurt people instead of help them. The larger-picture reality is much prettier but harder to see.

Affirmation:  I AM the center of change around me.

Earth Changes

When the shift occurs (it is happening already), then this will momentarily stabilize earth movements and vectors. The problem with this is that the planet is accustomed to constant motion and continuously makes compensations based on the constant motion. When motion ceases — even for a moment — there are devastating effects. On global terms this looks like huge wind storms (hurricanes), tidal waves. And earthquakes.

Affirmation:  I WILL breathe with the world.

Global Spiritual Changes

This is really our shining Kumbayah moment. All the planet — collectively and symbolically holding hands and singing. Aligned. Can it be possible? Feel it. This is our future, Now.

Affirmation:  I AM much bigger and stronger than I remember.



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    Dear Karen, Sorry i still remember u by this name Talyaa. Is this a michael channeling?? Good one to tell us to think about interconnectedness and how we can create a miniscule ripple in the ether

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