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Now they are talking BRAIN SURGERY!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Cancer Goddess, Cancer Healing | 1 comment

Two out of three doctors scream YOU NEED BRAIN SURGERY ASAP! at me before they run away to don their scrubs and wash their hands. Sounds like it's pretty immediate.

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Claiming My Artist-Priestess Archetype: I Am An Artist

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Goddesslicious, Wild Goddess Arts | 0 comments

I’ve reframed That Which I Do into the context of art. This shift will very soon show up in a big way on my website, but for now, wouldn’t you like to hear the story? It’s been a long road getting here. Art has always been in the background for me. Lurking underneath. As a child my art-dreams got squashed in criticism and comparisons. I’m sure my father didn’t mean to beat me down,  and instead was probably trying to boost my mom, but when you’re a kid and...

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Tantra Land Diaries: Day 5, THE GODDESS

Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Goddesslicious, Love + Relationship, Tantra | 0 comments

This post is part of a ten-day series of reposted Facebook status updates from each day of tantra teacher training (Certified Tantra Educator Level Two, CTE2 for short) from the Source School of Tantra. My training began August 11 2013 and ended on the full moon on August 20.  Did you miss the first Tantra Land Diaries from July? Go here. Other Tantra Land Diaries posts in this series (go on, read them now. This post will make much more sense if you do. I’ll...

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I Am A Goddess

Posted by on Mar 6, 2012 in Goddesslicious | 1 comment

It’s a powerful statement. Go ahead, try it on. I am a Goddess. Welcome to Wild Goddess Life, home of Life Destiny Readings, Divine Feminine Art and Magical Goddess: a 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life. I am thrilled you have joined me here. I developed Wild Goddess Life as a natural expression of my journey as a woman and mother. Wild Goddess Life, my work as an Oracle seeing people’s life destiny, and my Divine Feminine Art have been in...

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