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Tantra Land Diaries: Day 4, INTEGRATION

This post is part of a ten-day series of reposted Facebook status updates from each day of tantra teacher training (Certified Tantra Educator Level Two, CTE2 for short) from the Source School of Tantra. My training began August 11 2013 and ended after the full moon on August 21. 

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Day 3, SAFETY.

Back now? Awesome. Carry on!


This morning in class we share our experiences, gifts, realizations, and takeaways from last night’s sessions. The power of 30 people — all united and all immersed in the alchemical crucible, together at one time — entwines us further and deeper. I love all these people.

I share my experience. How last night’s journey really began when we arrived Sunday night and devolved into fear and conflict. How the support of the group buoyed me in my walk through my anger. How instructor Lisa’s spot-on advice helped me heal and grow. How my trepidation about being paired with my Kahuna gave way to my deepest healing and our most connecting moments.

The sharing in class after home play assignments is always my favorite part of this training. I love hearing stories, seeing emotions on faces, and feeling deeply into the beautiful beings in the room. I feel welcomed and at home here.

Afternoon class is on massage techniques. More advanced than on Level One. Men and women pair off and we practice vertebral pumping, perineal massage, and grounding techniques. I get to work with my soulmate. I love seeing rows of beautiful naked bodies receiving touch and love. First women receive, then we switch and give to the men. Lots of support from instructors. We are like children, some of us, laughing and playing. So beautiful!

Evening class is on how to create a puja: what elements to include, different ways to structure them, ideas for marketing. My mind expands joyfully into possibility. My Kahuna and I will lead pujas in Seattle.

Lastly we practice an energy release technique, releasing stuck energy that keeps us from moving forward. It is my privilege to work with a powerful man who is already very complete in himself and aware of his power and place in the universe. I hold space for him to simply remember his bigness and bask in the glow of his inner sun. What a powerful experience for me. I heal simply by being. By witnessing.

I’ve never been so excited about the future. My new life is amazing.

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