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The Story of My EEG



If you ever have an EEG, and I hope you don’t because if you do it might mean something is amiss in your brain and I don’t want that for you, but if you ever do have one this was my experience.

Nice technician who by the way received much of her training online (this is possible??!)(obviously not her clinical training, but still! Wow!). I lay down on a comfy hospital-type bed THAT BREATHED (no joke – the bed had regular gentle convulsions that felt kinda good), while she prepared my head for 21 electrical leads.

I feel like 21 is a magical number, don’t you?

The “preparation” was a gentle scrubbing with some kind of faintly abrasive paste (evidently it looked like Elmer’s glue, though I didn’t get to see it) so the leads could attach properly. She was very kind and was especially gentle around the area of my craniotomy scar, which she could barely see because my brain surgeon did such a bang-up job of sewing me up (he had first trained as a plastic surgeon before he learned how to do brain surgeon stuff).

So then I’ve got 20 leads attached to my head and one over my heart.

The test took about 20 minutes. At different times I had to open my eyes but mostly they remained closed. I started with three minutes of deep belly breathing, similar to some of the Tantra breaths I know.

No prob. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Very relaxing.

Then she turned on various strobe lights. Eyes closed, but still. Ack! Like being in a disco ball with colors. Definitely trippy.

A common seizure trigger is flashing lights. I’ve avoided looking at ceiling fans and certain kinds of lights for that very reason. They make me feel funny. Anyway, I was pretty sure the kind tech would see some interesting electrical activity in my brain from those strobes. Yup.

Meanwhile, I had a mystical experience. I mean, of course I did. Thanks then to the wonderful beings who showed up to support me, because support was definitely welcome. I don’t want to say more just yet because what happened is part of a much much bigger shift that still feels nascent and new, like a wobbly newborn colt just getting his feet under him.

In time, in time.

Then the kind tech cleaned the Elmer’s glue out of my hair, mostly, and handed me a comb to help me look more like me.

That was that.

More happened. Later, at home. I felt suddenly super emotional and knew I was going through a big big shift sparked in part by the EEG. So I lay on the floor and let it happen. As one does.

Flanked by guides I felt the earth first back through time, like the bubbling mud from the dawn of time like in the movie Fantasia, then all the way into the distant future. I felt myself as a connection between earth and sky. My beloved intuitively brought me a powerful healing stone (smoky quartz?) that I placed over my first and second chakras.

And then the reorganization was complete. Well that’s not quite right. It’s still going on. I have much to learn. But wow. It’s still so new I don’t quite know how to talk about it.

The best I can say so far is that it’s about transmuting love. There is much much more but that’s a pretty good start, don’t you think?

I’m here to turn love into prophecy. Whoa. Together with my Supermate.

Update: the EEG was completely clear. Nothing. Nada. But what can they show in 20 minutes unless I’m in a constant state of seizure? So the next thing, if we do it, would be a 24 hour monitoring in a hospital, set up like an EEG. I don’t wanna because I don’t like being away from my bed, but it’s the next obvious step to find the cause of the seizures.

By the way there was a photo that went along with this but I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of iMessages despite multiple attempts and frantic Googling APPLE YOU HAVE FAILED ME AND THE ANTI SEIZURE DRUGS THAT MAKE ME UBER EMOTIONAL DON’T HELP. So anyway. You don’t get a photo and I’m giving up for now because honestly I could do better things with my time. You’ll just have to imagine and I’m sure you’re good at that.

Big sigh. I love you.

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