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This is what a Cancer Ninja does all day


Astounding likeness!

Winning Stage Four cancer takes massive ladyballs.  Fortunately, I grew a pair. It also requires daily diligence and attention to self-care that few people ever master. I’m a Cancer Ninja (wait! what’s that behind you???). And ninjas are way too busy being ninjas to write blog posts as often as they want to, even though they compose them in their heads every day.

So, no, I’m not off skipping in a field of flowers, nor am I lollygagging about watching downloaded episodes of Downton Abbey, as much as I admire the dry wit of the Dowager Countess. Even though I am winning cancer and it shows with astounding test results, my life changed forever the day 16 months ago that I got my diagnosis. I can never go back to living the way I once did, even though I ate healthy foods, exercised a lot, blahblahblah — to win cancer you have to go the extra ten thousand miles. Every single damn day. Forever.

Which is why I became a Cancer Ninja.  Ninjahood is awesome. Self-care FTW. Let’s tot up the time it takes for ninjahood, shall we?

Juicing. I do my juicing now, much to Kahuna’s relief, plus his. Every day, or most days. I still drink about 2 quarts of fresh juices every day. 1.5 hours 6 days/week.

Enemas. Yup. Sacred time, 3-4 times a day. 3.5 hours every single day.

Cooking. Kahuna and I eat different things at different times of day, so I’m on my own for cooking (even though he does the heavy lifting of all the meat grilling and almost all of the shopping). 1 hour every day.

Cleaning. I am the Dish Fairy. And the Vacuum Fairy. 30 min.

Soulmate time. Planning, scheduling, processing, loving. 1 hour+ = NOT ENOUGH, NEVER ENOUGH.

Yoga. Hot yoga kicks up the herbs and pharmaceuticals I take. Heat helps win cancer. And yoga has turned me into a ninja. 1.5 hours, 5 days/week.

Sleep. Gotta have my 9 hours or I turn into Drooling Undead. 9 hours.

Martial arts. Ninja enhancement. 2 hours, 2-3 times/week.

Making capsules. We buy herbs in powdered form and then miniaturize ourselves to stuff the herbs into wee capsules. It’s way fun! 1 hour/week.

Morning rituals.  Shower, slather on coconut oil, pranayama, and mantra chant. SOMETIMES AT THE SAME TIME. I am such a multitasker. 30 min.

Evening rituals. Journal, record the day’s happy moments, pen love letters to the future,  pranayama. 30 min.


I do the math and this leaves approximately 5 hours free every day, clearly ridiculous by my count. Feels more like 2-3 hours (this is why I don’t do math in public). So are we clear? TWO OR THREE HOURS EVERY DAY for writing, website editing, answering emails, helping people, and creating a new business. (Notice: no time for TV watching, movies, or internet mindlessness, as much as I love all these things)

I choose carefully where I spend my time. This will pay off handsomely in the future. Ninjas do not squander their precious time or energy. I get to choose how I experience my days. Call me Time Lord-in-training.

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