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Welcome, Travelers From Polaris Rising!

Welcome, Polaris  and Michael Teachings fans!


Looking for Talyaa Liera? You are in the right place:

Polaris Rising is now Wild Goddess Life. 

In 1999 I began channeling the Michael entity (that’s the Michael from Messages From Michael, NOT the archangel dude).
My work with Michael expanded and by 2006 I developed a relationship (the first on this planet) with the high-wisdom being Polaris, a source of incredible wisdom that contains Michael, Seth, and five other high-wisdom entities.
Together with Polaris, I created a unique brand of distance healing that builds on my chops as a shaman, Reiki Master, and intuitive.
Being a channel was amazing but it isn’t all of me.
I am way more:  I am an oracle, distance healer, mother, author, urban neoshaman, and human.
Oh, and I changed my name. Maybe you knew me as Karen Murphy. Now I am Talyaa.
Come and experience my magic.



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