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We’re off to see the wizards!

wizard-of-oz-ruby-slippersThe last time Kahuna and I packed stuff up to go somewhere that felt faintly vacation-y, it was January 2011 and I still lived over an hour away from him. We were still just getting to know one another. The soulmate word had still not been uttered.  We went to La Push, aka Vampire Central, Twilight-land, and the Olympic Peninsula. We drank a bottle of wine — my best bottle to date, the bottle I carted home from France in 2002 and was saving ever since and that had survived three cross-country moves — in front of a roaring fire and toasted the ocean sunset and each other. We started making our soulmate list. And then things happened, most of them cancer. No money for trips, even little ones. No time or space for anything but healing, healing, not dying, and healing.

The wizards have been calling. For two years, they’ve been calling. It’s time to heed the call.

When I first saw the way these Oom Yung Doe martial arts wizards move, I had an “I’ll have what they’re having” moment. I saw the way energy coursed through their bodies. I saw strength, power, and flexibility. I saw a way of moving that I had never noticed before. I saw my future. Kahuna moved to Seattle because of these guys, to use Oom Yung Doe as a path to his own healing. He never dreamed he’d find a soulmate who would join him on the path. Fine. Here I am.

Two years ago, we started seeing people from our dojo leave for a mysterious summertime “weeklong” event in Palm Springs and then come back transformed. Big changes in how they moved. In the way they held themselves. Something magical happens down there in Palm Springs. We saw this and wanted it. Who wouldn’t? But the price was steep. Too high for us. Maybe one day, we said. Next year, we said.

Next year came and went. Still no change on the financial front. People went to Palm Springs and came back changed. Our hearts hurt. Next year, we said.

There is no next year. This is it. Now or never. This year we are grabbing the brass ring. This year we know we can’t wait. I can’t wait. I need the deep healing that the weeklong event offers. This year we’re going to Palm Springs for a week of awesome martial arts with the masters. We’re off to see the wizards.

It’s a huge undertaking. First we had to raise funds. We’ve been planning this for months, hoping the money would come through. It was a leap of faith more than six months ago to commit to something that we didn’t yet have money for, but commit we did. You are helping us get there, you and everyone who gave us $10, $20, or $100. We could not be doing this if it weren’t for you. Deep, deep healing and transformation.

Then there’s the packing! Ever packed up a 53-pound juicer? We have to bring the juicer. Filtered water. IV supplies. Organic produce. Stainless steel cooking pans. Coffee for enemas. Basically, we have to bring everything except Kitty and drive it all 1200 miles down to Palm Springs where we rented an off-season condo.

Things I’m afraid of
  • forgetting something important
  • 107 degrees is really hot!
  • getting up super early
  • did I mention it’s 107 degrees in Palm Springs?
  • sleeping in weird motel rooms where the sheets smell like bleach
  • getting injured
  • being too tired to take advantage of the wizards’ magic
Things I’m excited about
  • no juicing for 3 days while driving!
  • our Palm Springs condo has TWO bathrooms
  • can you spell h-o-t-t-u-b?
  • more than a week of not feeling cold, not once
  • becoming awesomer
  • experiencing Vacation Kahuna
  • the closest thing to a vacation in more than two years

Kahuna is doing all the work. I did my juicing, and I’ll pack my clothes and stuff, but he’s doing EVERYTHING ELSE. Kahuna rocks. He also knows how to travel in comfort. This is going to be awesome. And it’s all because you helped. Hey! I’m taking you all with us, right here in my heart.



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  1. yeshema

    Have a Spectacular time healing… May I suggest you take a set of sheets that you love along with you and cover or remove the bleachy smelling ones… That’s all I got… Love to hear that you are doing this for you both… Many Blessings <3

  2. su

    fare thee well!!!!!! You’ll be driving by my Onalaska exit…and I’ll cheer you on from here!
    And wish for myself a strong wonderful supportive and loving kahuna to BE with….

  3. BernardCharles

    Wow what a story. I found your site through watching 20/20 now. I think your spiritual connection is quite advance and not many people might understand. But everything is energy and I hope your cancer goes away so you can embrace the pure energy of love.

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